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Fette Sau Is Classic BBQ With A New Trendy Feel

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Fette Sau Is Classic BBQ With A New Trendy Feel

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Fette Sau’s open air space makes it feel like your at an actual outdoor BBQ

Keeping with our holiday BBQ theme we thought we would spotlight a local BBQ joint.  Originally highlighted in our Top 5 BBQ spots in the city, Fette Sau is definitely worth noting again.  Although, this Stephen Starr joint is the Philly version of the original Brooklyn joint by the same name, it has the perfect ambiance for the summer.

If you haven’t been yet, this place looks unassuming from the street as you have to walk down a corridor to get to the restaurant.  However, once you turn the corner this open air spot is very impressive as the decor and attention to detail makes this place feel like your in a back country barn.  Mismatching chairs and long family style picnic tables give the place a homely feel.  However, do not expect homely prices as this place is pricier than other BBQ joints you may frequent in the area.  However, the quality and taste is worth every penny so as they say you get what you pay for.  And all meat here is sold by the lbs. so you will pay what you weigh as they say.

Aside from the food and ambiance another draw here is the bar.  Enjoy a great selection of craft beers from an awesome customized bar equipped with knife handles used as taps.  It’s like they thought of every detail in this place.  A great spot for dates as this place is a perfect place to enjoy BBQ especially on warm summer nights as this place is completely opened facing a cozy courtyard.  Another great reason to swing by, is this place constantly rotates its sides and meats so you can essentially get a different experience every time you go.

So if you are craving BBQ and want to enjoy it without having to mingle at a cookout, head to Fette Sau and get all the great food you want without the hassle.


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