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Why 1925 is the Perfect Alternative to Philly’s Club Scene

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Why 1925 is the Perfect Alternative to Philly’s Club Scene

Feature Image by Pat Lebrun

If you’re like most millennials you’re somewhere between the stages of being over the raving club scene but not yet committed to the smokey lounge scene.  Sure clubs are great for a night of celebration or to prove to yourself you can still hang and the lounges are great to slow things down, but rarely is there a happy medium.  Well that is until now.


If you haven’t heard by now a new swanky spot opened up in Rittenhouse Square and it’s essentially one of Philly’s best kept secrets…so far.  With a speakeasy vibe that feels like you accidentally stumbled onto the set of Boardwalk Empire, the decor is enough reason to check this place out.  In case you haven’t already put two and two together, 1925 gets its name from the bootlegging and flapper days of the roaring twenties.

What used to be G-Lounge (111 S. 17th St.), 1925 takes over a space that has been synonymous with club life. Where LED walls and funky decor once were, is now adorned with velvet curtains and plush couches.  It’s obvious that the owners spared no expense.  I mean how many times have we been fooled by places that simply changed names but the inside goes relatively untouched?

The comfy seating and cool vibe may sound like it would lull you to sleep but the staff and entertainers do a great job of keeping the place lively.  Although there is no live DJ and the music isn’t “clubby,” the tunes are more than adequate to keep patrons entertained, upbeat, and toe-tapping. The female dominated staff sport burlesque themed attire that would make a Victoria Secret model blush.  Adding to the seductive atmosphere, 1925 boasts a bevy of sultry burlesque dancers that perform on an elevated stage on the weekends.  If you’re looking to catch them in action they usually hit the stage every hour on the hour starting at 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Classified as a lounge this place feels more like a hybrid of club and lounge.  It’s either the perfect destination for a night out with friends that don’t feel like “turning up” or the perfect place to start off the night before hitting the club scene hard.  Overall the guests here are a hodgepodge of Philly’s elite that find this place a perfect place to mingle and entertain clients and late twenty to early thirty somethings that have outgrown the Long Island Iced Teas and the vodka/red bull crowds that fist pump the night away. This place is not too shabby for a date night either considering Davio’s provides late night dining services, up until 1 am on Fridays & Saturdays (up until 11 pm Wed. & Thur.).

It goes without saying this place is going for class so expect a very strict dress code here.  Even though the vibe is relaxed the expectations on who gets in is not.  This can be a minor nuisance in a blue collar town such as Philly where tees and jeans will get you in most places but it’s a sign of the changing times here in Philly.  With the growing number of young professionals the ideal night out of drinking is slowly progressing from Pabst and shot of Jameson to craft beers and artisan drinks.  So if tasty cocktails is your thing you’ll be happy to know that management has invested time and energy to produce a top-tier drink menu with selections such as  “Coco Chanel” (Champaign, Cranberry Bitters, Rhuby, Strawberries, Lemon Zest, Lime). “The Wolfsheim” (Bombbay Sapphire Gin, Ginger Beer, Simple, Cucumber, Lime) and “The Fitzgerald” (Tequila, Simple, Jalapeño, Cucumber, Lime).

Overall 1925 is definitely what the city needed.  With clubs opening and closing like clockwork and cookie cutter hipster bars popping up like a bad case of the chickenpox, 1925 looks to be a mainstay.  With the ever growing millennial population the city is experiencing, we can definitely see this place becoming one of the premier nightlife destinations in the region.


1925 cozy atmosphere is perfect for group outings, dates, and entertaining clients (photo courtesy of 1925)


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