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Your Guide to the 12 Best BBQ Spots in Philly!

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Your Guide to the 12 Best BBQ Spots in Philly!

Your Guide to the 12 Best BBQ Spots in Philly!

Your Guide to the 12 Best BBQ Spots in Philly!

So summer is in full swing which means it’s prime bbq time.  However, for those that don’t want to slave away on the grill or simply haven’t gotten any invites, we gotcha’ covered.  Since our initial top bbq list, Philly has exploded with new places to check out.  For all you bbq lovers out there, we’re sure you’ve been to  many of these spots. However, there are a few gems that you should be putting on your bucket list.  Here is your guide to the 12 best bbq spots in Philly!

Baby Blues BBQ

3402 Sansom St.

Located in University City, this spot is all around great.  Featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Baby Blues delivers some of the best ribs and brisket ever.  The restaurant is spacious and features two level seating, full bar area, and a cool hidden room!  For that classic BBQ feel you can wash your meal down with good old fashion Kool Aid! (Note Baby Blues is also located at Talen Energy Stadium as well as a roaming food truck)


Side of the Road Jerk Chicken 

Various locations -Check @jerkchickenman on I.G of times and locations

side of the road jerk chicken

If you know you know!  True Philadelphians know about this local gem.  The Side of the Road Jerk Chicken man pops up at some of your favorite events throughout the city and he always brings the flavors to the party! Don’t be fooled by the name as this pop up grill also serves up tender brisket as well as salmon. The platters are hardy and the taste is amazing.  Make sure you follow @jerkchickenman on Instagram for his latest locations!


Mike’s BBQ

1703 S 11th St.

mikes bbq

With 5 stars on Yelp, there’s a reason why this place gets such high ratings.  Local Philadelphians flock to this East Passyunk spot for “The Game Changer,” which is a brisket cheesesteak that will definitely change your life.   Aside from the go to sandwich, Mike’s bbq in general will make anybody’s all time list.  So if you’re looking for ribs that fall off the bone, a great atmosphere and customer service, this is your spot.


Deke’s BBQ

4901 Ridge Ave.

dekes bbq

If you ever driven into Manayunk, you could miss this cozy spot on the side of the road if you blinked.  However, for real foodies, this tiny spot packs a big punch.  Everything here is great and if you’re big on sides, Deke’s serves up good portions, personally the Mac n’ cheese is where it’s at.  (Deke’s also has a roaming food truck).


Sweet Lucy’s

7500 State Rd


The Northeast doesn’t get much love when it comes to being recognized for great places.  However, Sweet Lucy’s is a spot the Northeast can be proud about.  This BBQ spot has racked up many BBQ awards in the Philly region and is revered among locals.  As an added tip for all those that can’t get enough BBQ, this places has All-You-Can-Eat BBQ buffets every Monday.  This alone is worth the trip.


Fette Sau

1208 Frankford Ave.

This brainchild of Stephen Starr is right next door to his popular Frankford Hall location. Fette seamlessly blends outdoor with indoor dining and gives an atmosphere like your eating in an old barn somewhere down south.  If you are familiar with Mr. Starr’s dining reputation you know this guy is all about quality.  Meat is sold by the pound and is a little on the pricey side, but the quality is top notch and the atmosphere is unbeatable.  All meat is produced by local farmers and smoked in house so the meat selection changes daily.


Fat Jack’s BBQ

10090 Roosevelt Blvd


If you’re a regular at Philly food festival’s than you may have seen these guys set up.  Once sample and you’re hooked.  Aside from traditional bbq platters, Fat Jack’s does a great job of offering bbq meat sandwiches including brisket and pork.  So if you’re looking to switch things up a bit Fat Jack’s has it all.


Nick’s Charcoal Pit

1242 Snyder Ave.

nick's charcoal pit

I stumbled on this place several years back just exploring the neighborhood.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the filet mignon cheesesteak (which I highly recommend).  However, as I began to try out the bbq options it was evident this hole in the wall was something special.  A South Philly staple, Nick’s is an unassuming small joint (maybe one table to dine in) but the bbq they sling is well worth the trip here.



Uptown BBQ & Grill

 8010 Ogontz Ave.

For those way uptown or if you find yourself in this area, Updtown BBQ & Grill serves up traditional southern style platters.  If you’re a fan of ribs than this is definitely a joint you should be checking out.  Uptown also offers bbq seafood including salmon dishes.


Bomb Bomb BBQ Grill & Italian Restaurant 

1026 Wolf St.

bomb bomb bbq

Yet another South Philly joint makes our top list.  Bomb Bomb which prides itself for award winning bbq as well as Italian food, is a cozy spot that locals would love to keep to themselves. I mean why would they want word to get out and then risk loosing able to dine in?  Well, sorry to let the cat out of bag, but Bomb Bomb definitely serves bomb bbq.  The ribs and bbq chicken are definitely a must try here.


Smokin’ Betty’s

116 S 11th St.

Located in the heart of Center City, Smokin’ Betty’s is really the only true bbq spot in the area.  However, they didn’t make it by default, Smokin’ Betty’s has a diverse menu with great traditional bbq as well as unique options such as their waffle panini cheesesteak.  Don’t ask me how it works, it just does and it’s delicious.  So if you’re looking for bbq with a twist, this is a great place to check out.


The Rib Stand

51 N 12th St.

Located inside the famous Reading Terminal, The Rib Stand has the perfect name because these ribs are amazing. Get them in racks or in a sandwich, either way they are a game changer.  Altho this is a “to-go” spot chances are you’ll want to find a seat in the common area and demolish these jawns.  Definitely a must try for bbq rib lovers.

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