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Mamou Blows the Roof Off Cajun, Literally

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Mamou Blows the Roof Off Cajun, Literally


Outdoor deck provides outdoor seating away from the hustle and bustle of the busy sidewalk below

When word got out that the popular eatery The Corner was closing and there was going to be a re-branding, many foodies were anxious to see what the new proposed Mamou would have in store.  The main buzz was however, centered around the outdoor deck which was literally blowing the roof off the place. Named after the a town in Louisiana where Executive Chef Paul Martin was born, Mamou eventually opened up and wowed critics with the transformation of both the building as well as the menu.

True Cajun cuisine is kind of hard to come by around these parts.  It’s almost like going out of town for a cheesesteak.  Of course there will be nitpickers but, Chef Martin stayed true to his roots and provides authentic dishes in the perfect Philly ambiance.

One of the first things that guests will notice is the dramatic change with the remodeling.  The new improvements give the places a clean modern feel and the dark decor makes it inviting.  The lower level has large windows that open completely to give the place a very airy feel.  In addition the upstairs features the crown jewel of this place which is the deck.  Although it only accommodates about 35 guests it provides the opportunity to enjoy your food outdoors without having to be on a cramped sidewalk.  The upstairs area also features a cocktail bar which is cozy with an intimate ambiance.

So what about the food?  Well if you have a venturous pallet this place serves up some of the best backwoods dishes in town.  Enjoy entrees such as classic gumbo,  chicken Margaux, cornbread stuffed eggplant, and Louisiana red fish.  You can expect very robust and flavorful items at this place so it’s not for the timid.  However, not everything on the menu is a plated dish, po’boy’s reign sumpreme here especially since Philly is a great sandwich town.  You can choose from catfish, oyster, or BBQ pork Confit po’boys all are served with hardy portions of meat so you won’t feel cheated here.

All-in-all it’s a great place for casual dining, especially dates as this place has a very intimate feel to it.  Gathering of friends is great for deck seating as it boasts decent views of the ever bustling 13th st. below.


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