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The Famous 4th St. Deli Is Serious About Their Sandwiches

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The Famous 4th St. Deli Is Serious About Their Sandwiches

For over 90 years the Famous 4th St. Deli has been feeding the folks of Philadelphia.  Although there are scores of delis more notably Jewish delicatessens, there is only one 4th St. Delicatessen.  Well actually there are two locations the original located at 700 S. 4th St. and the their second location at 38 S. 19th St.

4tthstWhichever one you choose to patronize, the outcome will always be the same.  You will leave with a full stomach and enter a food coma.  The sandwiches, that 4th St. whips up are serious business.

The menu itself is a classic deli menu with Reubens, pastrami, and a variety of cold cuts, and several choice breakfast entrees. However, the real show-stopper is the “Over Stuffed” menu items that pile up meat and fixings a ft. high.  For those that want to get their Man Vs. Food on, this is the place to do it.  Unless you’re a professional eater by trade it will be a choir to take down these behemoths.

Overall this place is a classic Deli with very impressionable food.  You may have forgot the countless times you’ve eaten at deli’s in your lifetime, but you will never forget your visit to 4th St.  Even without choosing from the Over Stuffed menu, the portions here are hardy so bring your appetite or be prepared to carry around a doggy bag.  Although, this place may be a little pricy for deli items, the quality and portions are well worth it.  A great place to catch up with friends or a casual date, 4th St. Delicatessen reigns supreme in the Philadelphia deli scene.






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