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Milk Crate Cafe Combines Hip Record Shop With Cool Cafe

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Milk Crate Cafe Combines Hip Record Shop With Cool Cafe

milkcrateIt’s no secret that there’s been a Fishtown boom in recent years.  Restaurants, delis, shops, and boutiques are popping up like wildflowers in what has become the hippest part of town.  However, with all the new places opening up, an old face on the block is still keeping customers happy and coming back for over 5 years.  If you haven’t stopped in by now, there’s no better time to visit the Milk Crate Cafe (400 E Girard Ave).

It seems in the music bizz, the market is going retro in what industry heads are calling a “vinyl records revival.” According to vinyl sales are on pace to break another 20-year sales record for a fourth consecutive year. Six million vinyl albums were sold in 2013 and 2014.”  However, Milk Crate owner Adam Porter was way ahead of the curve.  In fact before opening up his Fishtown gem, he owned Cue Records on 4th & South.

While Fishtown and the surrounding areas do have an adequate number of record shops and an overwhelming number of cafes, what the city didn’t have was a milkcrate7combination of both.  That is until the Milk Crate Cafe opened its doors.  Serving up tasty dishes with catchy music titles here you can order items such as The Notorious E.G.G for breakfast and a Tribe Called Quesadilla for Dinner.  Between bites you can litterally shop off the walls, as vinyls for sale are on full display throughout this cozy shop.  If none of the options in sight peak your interest you can venture downstairs to a basement record shop where you can dig through the crates while digesting your meal.

Pretty much every genre of music can be found here and the staff is attentive and knowledgeable.  There’s always someone downstairs to answer your questions or to help find what you’re looking for.  The inventory does get refreshed periodically so if you venture into this spot from time to time you’re bound to find new music every time.

All-in-all this place is awesome and a hipper alternative to your typical cafe.  For one the food crushes places where you’ll only find scones and pre-fixed sandwiches.  Secondly the vibe is ultra chill and is the perfectly blend of foodie meets music junky.  So if you haven’t already make sure you swing by and order up a yummy meal and walk out with a cool vinyl.


 Milk Crate Cafe

400 E. Girard | 267.909.8348

Mon.-Fri.7 am-7 pm, Sat. 8 am – 7 pm, Sun. 8 am – 5 pm

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