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Looking for Exclusive Kicks?


Looking for Exclusive Kicks?

Sole Control 3If your an 80’s baby like myself, you can remember a time when kicks would drop and you could simply walk into a store, let them know your size, try em’ on, pay and walk out.  But somewhere between George Bush and Roc-A-Fella breaking up things changed.

Unless you have a connect at a store or have a special trick to fool online stores at midnight, camping out has been the only method.  Now for those that have 9-5’s and cannot fathom using up precious vacation time to sit on a lawn chair for a chance to buy the latest J’s, there is Sole Control.

This trendy consignment shoppe is tucked away in the hipster central neighborhood of Northern Liberties.  Boasting a clientele of who’s who of athletes, actors, and musicians there is virtually no pair of kicks that cannot be found here.

Stopping by you may rub shoulders with the likes of Meek Mill or Ryan Howard while searching for a rare pair of J’s, that’s the upside.  The downside is you guessed it, the pricing.  Be prepared to break out a credit card with plenty of available balance or enough cash on hand that if your ever pulled over, the cops will think your on your way to a drug transaction.

But it all depends what it’s worth to you.  If not having to forgo showers while waiting in line is worth paying double sometimes triple the face value of sneakers then by all means, this place is a sneaker head’s wet dream.

Being that it is a consignment shop Sole Control is a great spot to unload rare kicks you may posses as well.  If you’re like me and live by the motto “one to rock and one to stock” then you may have a fresh pair of sneakers that have been taking up valuable closet space.  Maybe you’re growing out of your sneaker phase or your new girl just moved in and is pressuring you to get rid of those bulky sneaker boxes, or maybe you’re strapped for cash and need a quick influx of cash.  Sole Control has a pretty easy and straight forward consignment system.  Although, you may not see immediate cash in hand as say a 1 day eBay deal, Sole Control offers a great local platform to get fair market value.

Although the hefty pricing may detour many lukewarm sneaker enthusiasts from patronizing Sole Control, those who can appreciate a great sneaker will have no qualms.  Sole Control also does a great job of maintaining a good web presence with a very active social media page and a user friendly website. So if time is money and you have no time to spare, Sole Control is the spot to get your mittens on the best dead stock sneakers.


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