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9 Reasons Why You Should Date a Fantasy Football Junkie

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9 Reasons Why You Should Date a Fantasy Football Junkie

The NFL season is set to kick-off so this means guys retreat to their man caves and lose their voices screaming at the TV on game days.  Some woman may not understand the passion guys have for football.  But what is even a deeper form of complexity are the fantasy football junkies.  Why has this crazy spreading among the population like the plague in World War Z?  That’s a whole other topic but what we can say for you ladies out there is that whether you understand it or not you need a fantasy football player in your life.  If you’re skeptical about pursuing a potential stat whiz, we put together a list of 9 reasons why you should date a fantasy football junkie.  Where sure by the end of this article you’ll be stalking your closest Buffalo Wild Wings looking to crash a fantasy draft to find your next stud muffin.

They Do Their Homework


How else would they know who who the 3rd string running back is for the Oakland Raiders or that the starting receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars pulled a hamstring in practice which could impede his performance?  These guys know who’s injured, who’s lost a step and which players are likely to have a break out season.  So finding out that you enjoy crumb cake from that certain bakery across town or that you prefer horror movies over romantic comedies will be a cinch.


They Always Have a Back-Up Plan

back-up plan

Look the guy lost his starting RB for the season with a torn ACL right before his first fantasy playoff game. Do you think he broke a sweat? No.  Why? Because he was smart enough to handcuff his stud back (if you need to know what handcuff means ask your FF junkie).  So when date night rolls around and the picnic you guys planned gets rained-out, don’t fret.  Your lovable fantasy football junkie already made reservations to that intimate Italian joint you’ve been reading about in Yelp.  So rest easy knowing there’s always a plan b.


They are Kids at Heart


So your fantasy football stud muffin just hit his dirty thirties.  He rocks a tie to work everyday and schmoozes at dinner parties you drag him to.  Looks like he’s put all of his childish ways in the past.  Wrong. Because come every August the man behind “Ha Ha Monica Loves Clinton Dix” reactivates his account and his elementary school sense of humor in the process.  For the next 4 months Sundays will be reserved for playground-like trash talking while in worn out jersey with his college nickname in the back.  This may seem kind of annoying on the surface but who wants to be in a relationship with a stiff.


They Have Great Negotiation Skills


Say you find yourself shopping for a new car and you obviously want the best deal possible. Wouldn’t you want a guy with the closing skills of Jordan Belfort? Of course you do.  So why not enlist the guy who was able to land Aaron Rodgers for a mediocre running back and a declining wide receiver.  A true fantasy football junkie knows how to wheel a deal and always come out on top.  This is exactly the type of guy you want in your corner when its time to finagle.


They Are Committed


There are two dates a true fantasy football junkie cannot miss during his lifetime, his wedding day and his draft day.  No self respecting FF junkie would set an auto draft.  It’s like sending a stunt double to the church to say his vows.  Having someone that understands commitment is vital in a relationship. So why not date a guy who has been drafting with the same bunch of guys since he was still living in dorms.


They Are Patient


Sure there are a ton of fantasy football players who dump players on whim and consistently troll the waiver wires for new prospects but a true fantasy player has enough patience to not get rattled even when his team is stinking it up.  They understand that tables do turn and players can get on a hot streak. Translate this virtue into the dating world and you have someone that will stick it out even when times get rocky.


They Are Passionate

Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-US PRESSWIRE

No one wants to date a square.  Imagine being with someone that shows no range of emotion.  You could be on a roller coaster and they would look like they’re in line at the DMV.  It’s always good to be with someone that is cable of getting fired up.  Come game day not only are fantasy football junkies cheering on their personal favorite teams but also their motley crew of hand selected players that have been united to achieve fantasy football glory.


They Are Competitive

fatnasy football trophy

Having a competitive edge is important trait in a significant other. Who wants to date someone with beta male tendencies? The man wants nothing more than to bring home the league trophy.  Not only does winning mean bragging rights but it’s like raising a championship banner into the rafters at home.  So be the supporting woman for a potential architect to a fantasy football dynasty.


They’re Not Afraid to Take Risks


In life you have to take risks. Fantasy football junkies know this all too well. Year in and year out they lay down hard earned cash for the chance to be immortalized on a trophy as well as a potentially big payout.  This type of daring behavior often times spills over to everyday life whether it be career choices, investments or dumb dares, either way they know how to live a little.  So if you want a more adventurous guy by your side, chose a fantasy football junkie.

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