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7 Places For Singles in Philly to Hang Out This Summer

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7 Places For Singles in Philly to Hang Out This Summer

If you were hip to Wooder Ice last summer then you may remember our Top Places for Singles in Philly to Hang Out. It definitely caught the attention of those looking to mingle during these sizzling summer months.  Now for 2015 we are switching things up a bit with new and fresh places and events that are perfect for those looking to court a mate.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Center City Sips


Image via C.C Sips Facebook

Widely known as just “Sips,” if you’re new to the area, essentially it’s a Center Center happy hour that runs throughout the summer and just about every establishment participates in.  The wildly cheap drink specials entices tons of working professionals to Sips who would otherwise be rushing home.  So if having a career is high on your must haves for a potential suitor, then Sips is the place to be.


First Fridays


Yes I know, I know this was on last summer’s list but it’s just too good of an event not to list twice.  If First Friday’s is news to you let us give you a quick run down.  Every first Friday of each month 2nd St. just north of Market St. becomes an art gallery hopping extravaganza. Although First Fridays takes place all-year-round, the summer months are when it takes on a festive atmosphere and the streets are mobbed with art lovers.  So if you’re looking for someone that shares your appreciation for the arts, this is where you want to be.


The Ball Park


Yea the Phillies have been stinking it up since last season but there is nothing like being at the ball park in the summer. With that being said since the action on the field seems to be a little lackluster you can focus your attention off the field.  Hey off-the-bat you have something in common (your love for the Phills) so why not strike up a convo with an attractive fellow fan and see if you can knock one out the park.


Pop-up Parks


Pop-up parks have becoming all the rage in Philly. In a city that lacks open green spaces, pop-up parks provide an oasis atmosphere and creates the ultimate sense of relaxation.  Aside from the highly poplar Spruce Street Harbor Park, The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS) will open 3 pop-up parks in various locations, each with a different theme and on-location bar. This is the perfect place to lock eyes with a fellow bookworm or someone that is sinply laid back. For more information of the PHS pop-up click here.


Outdoor Concerts


Image via barsandchords.com

There’s something magical when you get to experience the tunes from your favorite artists while taking in a nice warm summer night.  Philly has a few outdoor music venues including the Mann, The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, as well as several amphitheaters.  With the perfect ambiance already set, these are prime places to mingle and make new acquaintances.


Block Parties

Image via flyingkitemedia.com

Just about every neighborhood in the city hosts a block party.  If you’re like many transplants in the city you tend to go in and out of your house with little interaction with neighbors so this is a perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors.  If you want to fish outside of your pond you can crash another neighborhood’s block party and get your socialize butterfly on.


Day Parties


Image via kingsoaklane.com

Aside from the frat like atmosphere that is Day Load, there are tons of day parties happening all over the city.  Usually taking place on weekends (Sundays are popular), day parties are perfect for us older folks to “turn up” as the kids say and still have plenty of time to recover, get plenty of sleep, and make it to work on time on Monday.  So if you’re looking for other responsible adults to potentially date, day parties are the way to go.

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