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RECPhilly is Shaping the Music Landscape in Philly one Artist at a Time


RECPhilly is Shaping the Music Landscape in Philly one Artist at a Time

Remember back in the 90’s and early 2000’s when artists would debut movie-like videos and stage elaborate world tours? These days the buzz word is “budget.” You see back then record labels were raking in profits hand over fist and it wasn’t uncommon for even the mid-grade talents to posses million dollar budgets.


Co-founders Dave Silver (C) & Will Toms (Bottom) chat with during a team meeting a their headquarters.

Within these budgets were expenses which among other things included artist development. Raw artists with little to no industry experience were coached in media training, stage presence, and overall lessons to become marketable. When those budgets dried up so did the ability to develop artists. Now labels are operating mostly with skeleton budgets and are on the look out for prepacked talent. Meaning you must already posses the established buzz, marketing plans, and have the ability to rock a show. However, most new and up-and-coming artists lack the resources to prepare themselves for industry success. Enter RECPhilly.

RECPhilly which was spawned in a basement of a Temple University frat house has morphed into a bonafide player in the Philly music scene. What began as just two guys putting on musical showcases turned into an entity that not only helps artists hone their talents but also their public and business image.

Aside from developing the talent, RECPhilly also connects Philly musicians with the movers and shakers that have access to the funds that could potentially launch the next great artist career. As Co-Founder Dave Silver elaborately explained the disconnect, “We realized that there was a dividing gap between independent artists and the services and even capital. We’ve been to a lot of networking events with corporations that have interests to put money into their careers but there is no connection. The artists aren’t going to these types of networking events, the corporations aren’t making it apparent to the local musicians ‘If you come to us the right way with a strategy or put together the right event there could be a way to bridge these gaps here.’ That’s what we are here for.”

With these prospective new found funds, these same artists that previously were at a disadvantage would be able to develop and market themselves in a comparable manner that the artists possessed in the 90’s golden era.
This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to RECPhilly and their abundance of services and resources. Check out our video as Lea Faye sat down with RECPhilly co-founders Will Toms and David Silver and got the scoop on these musical liaisons.

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