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6 Quarantine Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Boo


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6 Quarantine Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Boo

6 Quarantine Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Boo

6 Quarantine Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Boo

This whole Quarantine business is all in the way of social activities.  There’s no more movie theaters, eat-in restaurants, lounges, nothing.  This can really put a strain on a relationship since there’s not much to do.  I mean you don’t want to get tired of being on house arrest and looking at someone for days on end.  For those not living together it can make things pretty repetitive, pretty quick.  So to help save some relationships here are 6 Quarantine Date Ideas to Enjoy With Your Boo.  Also to stop you from killing each-other.

Netflix Party

netflix party

You heard of Netflix & Chill but what about Netflix & Quarantine?  Let’s say you and your boo are apart. Don’t fret, with the new Netflix Party feature you can now watch movies and shows together just without the cuddling and extra curricular activities.

Cook Together

cooking couple


If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s how to be self-sufficient.  I have to admit even I was leaning on eating out too much.  Not only will cooking at home help keep you quarantined it’s also a healthier option all-round.  If you and your boo are quarantined together, pick a dish or dessert that you both never had and make it together.  Cooking can be pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Plus you’ll develop a new skill.


Learn a Hobby Together


So Netflixing was a suggestion but this quarantine may last a while so don’t just rot around the TV. Learn a hobby.  It can be anything, sewing, refinishing furniture, learning to play an instrument or brewing beer.  Whatever you decide, do it together.  Who knows you guys may discover a hidden talent that will lead to an extra stream of income.


Surprise with a Uber Eats of Favorite Restaurant


This one more so applies when you and your boo are quarantined in two separate locations.  Perhaps they have a favorite dish or restaurant they loved to eat at but can’t make it out.  Surprise them with a delivery.  Food is the way to a man’s and woman’s heart so you can’t go wrong here. If you want to make it extra cheesey, order yourself a dish and have a Facetime candle lit dinner.  Hey, use technology when you can.

Have a Cleaning Party

Cleaning party

Cleanliness is next to godliness.  The Coronavirus has everyone washing their hands (which you should be doing regardless) and going crazy with hand sanitizer.  However, what about surfaces at home?  Well you’ve heard of a paint party, why not a cleaning party.  That’s right get a step ahead of spring cleaning this year and give your home a deep cleaning together.  Blast the music and do your best Turbo impression with a broom (only old heads will get this one).  At the end you’ll feel accomplished, safe and relaxed.

Plant Some Food


Gardening can be very therapeutic.  If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space with dirt, why not start planting some veggies?  Not only will you save money in the long run but it will be a great activity to bond together and spend time away from TVs and phones. When was the last time you and your boo unplugged from the matrix?  So hit up flower shop or store that sells some seeds and plant yourself a future.

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