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5 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Philly

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5 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Philly

5 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Philly

As always I want to start this article by pointing out that we only promote and highlight non-chain spots in Philly.  We’re all about giving a nod to the small business owners and mom and pop shops.  With that being said, summer time is here and that usually means crabs and beers.  However, for those looking for more variety, we have created a list of t5 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Philly to crack, shuck, and peel the best seafood Philly has to offer. Enjoy!


Oyster House

1516 Sansom St.


Making our list of best seafood restaurants in Philly is a name pretty much everyone has heard. It’s not just the seafood that makes this place great it’s the tradition.  Oyster House which originated from Kelly’s Seafood was established in 1947 right here in Philly.  Over the 67 years of operation, the menu has gone through changes but the freshness and delicious factor remains the same.  This places is also a happy hour hotspot and is usually packed during rush hour by commuters that chose to navigate around the raw bar than traffic.  Don’t let the name fool you either, Oyster House serves up all the popular dishes such as crab cakes, lobster rolls, bass, and even snapper turtle soup.  This is a great place for large parties and gatherings, as they serve up “Dump Diners,” that will satisfy everyone in the group.


Little Fish (BYOB)

746 S 6th St. 


If you’re looking for more of an intimate setting to enjoy your seafood, Little Fish BYOB is as good as it gets.  Obviously looking at the name the option to bring your choice liquor or beer is always a great thing.  With indoor and outdoor seating this Bella Vista spot is perfect for dates especially if you are looking to make an impression.  The menu is on the pricey side but expect very fresh food and flavors you have never experienced before.  Their menu consists of choices such as Tasmanian Sea Trout and Sweet Alaskan Shrimp, which contains among other things duck & miso.  This is definitely one of those spots that you want to rave about to your friends but at the same time you might keep it to yourself because that means less wait time on your next visit.


Luke’s Lobster

130 S. 17th St.



You can walk right past this spot and wouldn’t even know it.  A small set up steps just off S. 17th St. leads to this little slice of seafood heaven.  However, don’t expect crab legs or classic lobster tails.  Luke’s Lobster does however serve the best lobster rolls in the city.  You can add crab rolls and shrimp rolls to their repertoire as well. Add in choices for soups and salads and you have a small shop serving up huge flavors.  If you’re all about freshness you’ll be happy to know that Luke’s prides themselves in sourcing their seafood which is why they make our list of the best seafood restaurants in Philly.




DiNardo’s Famous Crabs

312 Race St. 



Allen Iverson stated that this is his all-time favorite restaurant. One visit and you’ll see why. You won’t find any fancy schmancy seafood dishes here, just honest to goodness great seafood.  As the name suggests crabs dominate the menu here.  From crab legs, to crab cakes, and even crab-n-cheese omelets.   Favorites such as shrimp, flounder, & oysters are also very prevalent on the menu. The portions here are pretty hardy so you definitely get your money’s worth.  As for the atmosphere it’s more of an upbeat type, great for family, friends, and casual dates.  This spot also serves up pretty good signature cocktails as well.  If you’ve ever eaten here you’ll know why it makes our list of the best seafood restaurants in Philly.



795 S 3rd St 

944 N. 2nd St. 


Another intimate date night spot makes its way on our list.  Dmitri’s has been a local gem for quite some time but doesn’t get nearly the recognition it deserves.  This spot is Greek/Mediterranean style for those looking to add a little variety to their seafood cuisines.  Well known for their soft shell crabs, grilled octopus, & shrimp pil pil, all of which are seasoned to perfection.  This place is also BYOB, so enjoy your dinner with any liquor you choose.  Seating is available outdoors so if you’re looking for a cozy date spot to pop a bottle of wine, this is your place.

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