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9 New Year’s Resolutions Every Philadelphian Should Make


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9 New Year’s Resolutions Every Philadelphian Should Make

9 New Year’s Resolutions Every Philadelphian Should Make


9 New Year’s Resolutions Every Philadelphian Should Make for 2018

Another year means another list of resolutions.  For those who haven’t exactly nailed down their list, we put together a sort of challenge/resolution list for Philadelphians.  These are fun and attainable goals that you can knock out this year.  Not only will you learn a thing or two about yourself and the city but at the same time you’ll be keeping your dollars local to help stimulate the local economy.  So if you’re up for a win-win, we have some resolutions for you!


Step Outside of Your Food Comfort Zone

Within the last few years there has been an explosion of new restaurants and food trucks on the scene.  However, if you’re like most folks you usually go with the sure thing whenever eating out.  This year challenge yourself to visit a spot you’ve never been to every time you decide to eat out.  Explore other neighborhoods, indulge in new cuisines and be adventurous.  You just might discover your new favorite spot!


Shop Local


Why fight traffic on 76 to hit up KOP or even deal with big box stores.  Help stimulate the local economy and shop at local boutiques.  There are scores of hidden gems all throughout the city. From cool vintage furniture and apparel stores, upscale clothing shops, as well as an array of jewelry stores.   You can just about find anything, Don’t know where to start.  Check out areas such as the Head House Square or Main Street Manayunk.  Wherever you end up, make it a resolution to shop local this year.


Support The Arts

 Philadelphia has one of the richest art cultures in the country.  From visual artists to musicians to stage performers, we have it all.  So in 2018 whenever you’re looking for entertainment make it a habit to support the arts.  Take in a live play, Check out the orchestra, or attend a local art show.  Not only will you get world class entertainment, you’re supporting home grown talent.  So be sure to keep checking our events page for the hottest art events in the city!


Sign Up for a Workshop & Develop a New Skill

There’s more to group workshops than wine and painting.  There are tons of activities, from refinishing furniture to cooking to glassblowing and so much more! In fact we already made a list of 8 unique workshops to develop a new skill.  Do more this year than just catching up on Game of Thrones.  Get off the couch to learn something and in the progress make some new friends.


Attend More Comedy Shows

Philly has developed some legendary comedians over the years.  You may be able to witness first hand the launch of the next big comedian!  Luckily for you, there are several great venues to take in a comedy show.  Punchline Philly and Helium both bring in marquee names while spots such as Warmdaddy’s give the spotlight to local talent.  If you’re looking for comedic sketch comedy Good Good Comedy and Philly Improv will have you in stitches.  Besides a laugh a day really keeps the doctor away.


Play a Bigger Role in The Community

With social media and smartphones we spend more time looking down than keeping our head up and taking in everything that’s around us.  Disconnect from your phone this year and play a bigger part in the community.  Volunteer, join a social club, help a campaign, or become a mentor.  Anything that you feel is a passion of yours, be sure to give it a bigger role in your life in 2018.


Help Keep Local Bookstores Open

I know this kind of goes hand-in-hand with shop local but I feel this deserves it’s on spot on the list.  Every year scores of Philadelphians plan to read more books.  It’s so easy to just open up your browser and shop online for books.  I get it.  It’s fast and convenient.  However, there are many great local bookstores in Philly you should be patronizing.  Take time out.   Grab a cup of coffee and head down to a bookstore and support.  Buy your books local while you embark on your literature goals.  Click Here to check out a great list of local bookstores.


Attend More Local Festivals


Soon festival season will be rolling around and that means more outdoor fun.  However, you don’t have to leave the city to have a great time at a festival.  Philly’s festival variety grows each year.  For instance this past year Philly had its first ever Beard Festival.  In 2018 we’ll see more inaugural festivals as well a long standing ones.   So be sure to check out all of the cool gatherings in the new year.  Stay locked to Wooder Ice for all your festival updates!


Shop Local Farmer’s Markets

FM 23pine

Not only is this an opportunity to eat better but you’re also helping a small business’ in the process.  Some markets are seasonal while others are all-year-round.  Not sure where to shop? Well here’s Your Guide to Philly’s Farmer’s Markets.  So whether you wanna get into juicing or just want the freshest produce it doesn’t get any better than these

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