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Bufad is How Wood Fire Pizza is Done

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Bufad is How Wood Fire Pizza is Done


Salted Caramel Gelato (pic courtesy of Yelp)

When you think of great pizza spots more than likely you think of gems hidden in residential neighborhoods or prominent places in Center City.  However, near the corner of 13th & Spring Garden sits a place for you to binge on some of the best wood fire pizza in the city.  No literally, Bufad as it’s named means to binge (feast or gorge) in Italian.

This BYOB spot serves up amazing pies many of which rotate so you can essentially get a new experience every time.  Items on the menu contain fresh ingredients that read as if you’re shopping with an old grandmother in an Tuscan village.  We’re talking goat cheese, Tuscan chicken liver, & sheep’s milk.  The servings are generous so two can split a pie here and the seating is pretty ample.

Aside from the awesome pies, Bufad serves up some of the most unique deserts I’ve ever came across such as Salted Caramel Gelato & Goat Cheese Mousse.  Every desert is flavorful and filling.  It seems like everything here is very exotic and very Italian.  Definitely not your run of the mill pizza operation here.  Bufad set out to give customers the classic Neapolitan pizza experience and succeeded with flying colors.  For pizza lovers, we definitely recommend this place!

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