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5 Best BBQ Spots in Philly


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5 Best BBQ Spots in Philly

5 Best BBQ Spots in Philly

Believe it or not, Memorial Day is right around the corner.  For many people Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and nothing says summer more than BBQ food.  For those that love BBQ and may want to save some time or energy, no worries.  We personally went on a BBQ tasting tour and rounded up the 5 Best BBQ Spots in Philly.  No matter what part of Philly you are in we found a spot that will be close by.  Happy Eating!


Baby Blues BBQ

3402 Sansom St.


If you haven’t heard of this place before we suggest you get familiar ASAP.  Having been spotlighted on food and travel channels, this spot is quickly becoming a Philly landmark.  A self described “hybrid” of BBQ styles that encompasses Memphis-style dry rub, North Carolina sauces, and New Orleans influenced dishes, it’s a hosh-posh of fantastic flavors. You can mix and match your dishes to get a tour of the nations BBQ belt on one plate.  The portions are hardy and the flavor is robust.  Be prepared to adjust your belt one size bigger when visiting this spot.

Sweet Lucy’s

7500 State Rd. 

sweet lucys1


The Northeast doesn’t get much love when it comes to being recognized for great places.  However, Sweet Lucy’s is a spot the Northeast can be proud about.  This BBQ spot has racked up many BBQ awards in the Philly region and is revered among locals.  As an added tip for all those that can’t get enough BBQ, this places has All-You-Can-Eat BBQ buffets every Monday.  This alone is worth the trip.


Deke’s Bar-B-Que

443 Shurs Ln. 


For all those who living or have traveled to the Manayunk area, you may have seen a hole the wall Deke’s take out stand just before you get to Main St. from 76.  However, just up the road in Roxborough you will find the main Deke’s restaurant hidden off a sleepy road.  Unless you know what you are looking for you just might miss the entrance.  However, once inside Deke’s is a BBQ oasis with sweet smells pouring from the smokers out front.  The aroma will have you salivating before you even get to the doorway.  For lunch time crews, sorry this place is dinner only but trust us it is worth the wait.


Fette Sau

1208 Frankford Ave. 

fette sau

This brainchild of Stephen Starr is right next door to his popular Frankford Hall location. Fette seamlessly blends outdoor with indoor dining and gives an atmosphere like your eating in an old barn somewhere down south.  If you are familiar with Mr. Starr’s dining reputation you know this guy is all about quality.  Meat is sold by the pound and is a little on the pricey side, but the quality is top notch and the atmosphere is unbeatable.  All meat is produced by local farmers and smoked in house so the meat selection changes daily.


Percy Street Barbecue

 900 South St. 


If you are looking for great eats and great beer than this is the place for you.  Boasting the largest selection of craft beer cans, the beer menu almost outshines the food menu.  So if you thought the decision on what to eat was difficult you may spend most of your time deciding what to drink.  The brisket in this place is outstanding and the sides are just as good.  For all you cornbread lovers we definitely recommend the skillet cornbread with jalapeños, probably the best we’ve tasted.  So if you are in the South St. district this places should definitely be a stop.


Rib Rack

2100 Tyson Ave.

rib rack

We gotta’ show love to our people up in the Northeast.  Making our list of the best BBQ spots in Philly is what those in the neighborhood will claim as the best BBQ in Philly.  Hardy portions, mouth watering sides and a down home atmosphere.  Don’t come here looking for a salad fork, this places is all business and no-nonsense.  Their ribs practically fall off the bone and the sauce here is one-of-a-kind.  We can go on and one but you’ll have to experience it for yourself.

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