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South Philly’s Gem Pub on Passyunk East Serves Up Awesome Lump Crab Fries

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South Philly’s Gem Pub on Passyunk East Serves Up Awesome Lump Crab Fries

Looking for a a bar that serves up great food in South Philly? Well you may have been overlooking a gem in South Philly.  The Pub on Passyunk East is an unassuming corner bar that is a favorite among locals.  Located in an area where bars and restaurants are at almost every turn, P.O.P.E more than holds it own weight.


The herbed goat cheese chicken sandwich is a great selection here as well.

Walking into this spot it has a dive-bar atmosphere so don’t expect chic decor.  Rather this is a quintessential Philly bar that was probably never renovated since it opened, and the patrons wouldn’t want it any other way.  The lighting inside is pretty dark so your eyes are quickly drawn to the beer fridges holding a awesome selection of craft beers.  When it comes to a beer line-up P.O.P.E’s selection will make it hard to choose.

As for the food, the selection is pretty tradition with plenty of sandwiches to choose from.  There are some pretty tasty selections such as the herbed goat cheese chicken sandwich, P.O.P.E burger, and Roast pork sandwich.  Personally my favorite items are located on the appetizer menu, specifically the Chesapeake Fries. These bad boys come equipped with plenty of gooey cheese and lumped crab meat draped on top.  These fries are very addictive and are great to share with your friends or date.  Basically if we were to make a list of the top places to get fries in town, this spot would definitely be on the list.  The Chesapeake Fries alone are worth the trip.

Overall this place is a great spot to have a low key meal solo or with friends. So if you want to avoid noisy bars and bustling beer halls, Pub on Passyunk East is your type of spot.


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