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The Coffee House Too is Fishtown’s Friendly Neighborhood Eatery

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The Coffee House Too is Fishtown’s Friendly Neighborhood Eatery


Coffee House Too is a cool and relaxed places with great customer service

There are places in the city where brash customer service is embraced.  Places where customer services is overlooked because “it’s a Philly thing.”  That’s why it’s always refreshing when you encounter a spot where customer service is of the utmost importance.

When entering into Coffee House Too you are more than likely greeted by a warm hello and smile from Sal.  A manager that takes pride in remembering customer’s names, Sal makes this place the Cheers of the coffee houses. However, don’t write this place off as just a place that serves up cups of Joe.  In fact Coffee House Too serves up some of the best sandwiches, wraps, and breakfast platters around.

Perhaps one of their biggest draws is their “Fajhita Hangover Hoagie.”  Stuffed with chicken or sirloin, 3 eggs, cheddar cheese, hash browns, salsa, peppers, onions, and seasoned with Lucifer spice all on a garlic buttered long roll. This sandwich is one you usually end up bragging to your friends about.

Whether to go or to take out, Sal and the staff makes sure you are in a good mood.  If you aren’t then their complimentary mimosas will definitely put you in one.  Enjoy a cup or two while you wait, or dig into one of the many fresh pastries they have on display.

If you do decide to dine in, the upstairs seating area has plenty of room for large parties yet has a cozy and homly feel to it, almost as if you are over a family members house for dinner.  Overall this place has a super laid back atmosphere. It’s perfect to hit up the next morning after a night on the town and swap stories with your friends or to hang out solo and get lost into a book.  If you are ever in the Fishtown area Coffee House Too is worth a try.

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