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5 Things Every Philly Transplant Needs

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5 Things Every Philly Transplant Needs

5 Things Every Philly Transplant Needs


A Go-to Late Night Eating Spot

 photo diner_zpsm6lvpjpu.gif

One of the first things you’re going to want to do once you’re settled into the city is go out and make friends.  Usually this may lead to late nights and as we all know drinking increases hunger by like 10 fold.  Establishing a go-to late night spot is essential.  To play it safe I suggest finding  a 24 hour diner near your home.   The craziest and most memorable conversations happen over bacon at 4 am while intoxicated.  Eventually you will branch out and develop a laundry list of late night dining spots of pretty much every cuisine, but for now your first order of business is scouting that go-to diner.


A Bartender

 photo bartender_zpsuxfdatgm.gif

You may or may not be a social butterfly, but you will most likely want to find a watering hole to call home.  Whether it be a corner bar or a posh lounge, establishing a good rapport with a bartender is important.  In a city that is constantly ranked among the best drinking towns, having a bartender looking out for you once and a while is definitely clutch, especially if you frequent places that tend to get busy.  So stop looking like you’re asking the teacher to use the rest room and put down that arm because your new bartender knows when you’re ready for the next round.


A Real Estate Connect

 photo realestate_zps0o7dnvyj.gif

There’s no question that Philly has been going through a housing boom lately. New “hot”neighborhoods are popping up every few years, so having someone you know with their finger on the pulse of the real estate market is key. As a transplant you might look to settle into an affordable neighborhood, having a good agent on your side can help you avoid unsavory neighborhoods and regret.  On the flip side you may have moved here for the pay raise and are looking to buy a home, an agent can guide you to an up and coming neighborhood and have you rolling in the dough in no time.  So ask around and get an agent on your side ASAP.


A Legit Promoter

 photo promoter_zpsdp6jcrn1.gif

Philly has its fair share of party spots.  The downside is that many of these spots close down and reopen on a whim and in some cases they never reopen.  So to avoid ending up at an empty club or worse a closed down venue, it might be in your best interest to find a promoter to guide you in the right direction.  Often times these promoters will also help you avoid long lines, breeze by bouncers, as well as hook ups on drink specials.  So if you’re looking for some quality nightlife action, seek out a reputable promoter.


A Go-To Pizza Spot

 photo pizza_zpsyghckzao.gif

The first thing that will appear at your new home will be about 10 different menus from pizza and sandwich spots in your neighborhood.  The first order of business is to painstakingly go through each one in order to find the go-to spot. The winner of this elimination challenge will have the distinct honor of being saved into your cell phone.  This is the place you can dial up on the way home and especially when guests are over.  The last thing you want is to not be sure of a pizza spot and have soggy pizza and stale sandwiches delivered to your door during a party.  That may very well be your last time hosting, so do your homework now.

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