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13th Street Cocktail Drink Tutorial Ft. The Vodka Chronic


13th Street Cocktail Drink Tutorial Ft. The Vodka Chronic

When it comes to bartending not every server with a shaker can produce a quality drink that leaves a lasting impression.  Often times club bartenders stick to basic speed drinks while lounges tend to specialize in slight variations of classic cocktails such as martinis and margaritas.  However, a true  mixologist understands and knows how to craft cocktails that not only taste great but also indulgences the senses. We caught up with two such mixologists, Brian Bevilacqua and Aaron Gordon of 13th Street Cocktail Catering.


Between these two aces of alcohol are 25 years of serving experiencing and plenty of fancy certificates to to show off including being Accredited and certified by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, French Wine Society, Court of Master Sommeliers, and the Beverage Alcohol Resource.  Normally a resume like this would lead you to believe these guys are slinging drinks at a stuffy country club or a restaurant that requires a jacket to get in.  Although these are places that Brian and Aaron could hold their own with the best of them, they’ve decided to take their act on the road, literally.

13th Street Cocktail Catering is a Philly based mobile mixology company that creates memorable drinks wherever they go.  Although they host events at their Cherry Hill farm location, 13th Street Cocktails also lend their services to just about any and every type of functions including corporate events, private affairs or public festivals.

These masters of mix are known to shake-up drinks so unique, only they can create them. Well that is until now.  Wooder Ice caught up with 13th Street Cocktail Catering and they were kind of enough to show us how to make a few of their signature summer cocktails including one controversial drink that is sure to be the talk of any party.  We’re talking about a herbal substance, some may call it marijuana infused drink dubbed the Vodka Chronic.  So check out the 13th Street Cocktail drink tutorial and learn how to serve alcoholic masterpieces that will make your next shindig one to remember.

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