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12 of The Coolest Father’s Day Gifts to Give Your Old Man

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12 of The Coolest Father’s Day Gifts to Give Your Old Man

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, so let us help save you some time and effort trying to find the perfect gift for dad.  We combed the internet for the coolest gifts for the modern dad.  Everything from gadgets to memorabilia made the list, so there is essentially something for every type of dad out there.  Here are 12 of the coolest Father’s Day gifts to give your old man.


Bluetooth Tracking Tag

$40 | UncommonGoods.com

bluetooth-tracking-tagHey the old guy is getting up there and his memory may not be as razor sharp as it once was. Heck I even misplace my keys and other objects from time to time. Well, okay all the time, so why not help pops keep track of his belongings with this bluetooth tracking tag.  He’ll never waste time looking for his keys or wallet again!


Alec Bradley Taste of the World Sampler

$49 | PipesandCigars.com


Dad earned the right to kickback and smoke a nice stogie.  So make sure he’s got a great selection on hand.  This world sampler provides a choice variety that any cigar smoker can appreciate. It’s an opportunity for dad to travel around the world without leaving the front porch (because mom won’t let him smoke in the house).


Booze Infused Jerky Gram

$39.99 | ManCrates.com


So what do you give a man that has everything? Beef jerky of course.  However, this isn’t your grandfather’s beef jerky.  We’re talking rum, whiskey and ale infused jerky that will leave your dad full and feeling niiice.  So help your father retire his dated flask and give him something to snack on that will help make shopping with mom at Bed, Bath & Beyond easier.


Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse

$49 | AwesomeInventions.com


If your pops is more on the nerdy side then he may enjoy having a unique keyword and mouse for his work or home office.  Think of it like old school meets new school.  Give him this cool gift and he will be the talk of the office or he’ll have a home office that he’d be proud to show off.


Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

$150 | RealSimple.com


Meh the beer kits have been kinda overdone lately.  Seems like everyone is a beer snob and is trying to create the next Dogfishhead in their basement.  Leave the brews to the hipsters and give dad a grown man whiskey kit.  Let him age and perfect a barrel of moonshine he’ll be able to enjoy over and over.


Personalized NFL Uniform Print

$54.99 | Gifts.com


Getting a sports related gift can become so cliche. Jerseys, hats, shirts, equipment etc.  However, this cool little gift stood out to us because of how unique it is.  Not only will you be giving dad something related to his favorite team, he’ll also get to showcase the family name prominently in his man cave.


Philly in a Box

$30-$55 | PhillyinaBox.com


If your old man loves Philly but happens to live far away, give him a small piece of the City of Brotherly Love with these cool boxes.  Containing some of Philly’s best snacks and knick knacks, your dad will appreciate the nostalgia and thoughtfulness that this gift provides.  So send one of these bad boys out and give him a reminder of just how much Philly rocks.


KRUPS and Heineken BeerTender

$132 | Amazon.com

beertenderLeave the Keurigs to mom and give dad something that is Tim the Toolman Taylor kinda’ manly.  These BeerTenders are not only something your pops will enjoy but also his company (including you).  It’s almost like buying a gift for yourself that will entice you to visit your father a little more often. Besides the best stories are told over an ice cold brew.


Barnwood State Side Tables

$198 | UncommonGoods.com

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.29.17 AM

Perfect for the man cave, home office or even the main living room.  This unique piece of furniture adds a custom element to any room and at the same time lets your dad show his PA pride (or whatever state he reps).  Definitely a conversation starter, these rustic pieces will definitely show your thoughtfulness and good taste when it comes to gift giving.


Ammo Can Poker Set

$99 | ManCrates.com


Nothing says “guy’s night” like a night of poker.  If your dad has the honor of hosting poker nights with his friends time-to-time, then this is a no-brainer.  Awesomely cool and insanely unique this ammo can comes with a full poker set and plenty of attitude to boot. So if dad likes high stake games, this is a sure bet. Check out all their cool gifts for men.


Personalized Mixtape Doormat

$38 | UncommonGoods.com

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.37.58 AM

Depending on your age you may or may not remember the struggles of owning a cassette tape.  Rewinding with pens, dubbing over music and the inability to skip tracks.  Well remind pops how far things came and at the same time pay homage to a golden era of music.  This mixtape mat will allow you to customize and create your dad’s favorite cassette.


Man Mug

$9.99 | AwesomeInventions


Last but not least is a cool twist to the traditional Father’s Day mug.  No more #1 Dad cups but rather cups he can actually utilize for things other than drinking coffee.  Equipped with a level and pen holder, this gift is great for dad’s who are in the construction field and could kill two birds with one stone.  Drink coffee and get the job done.

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