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10 Classes Men Should Take in Philly to Become a Well-Rounded Renaissance Man

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10 Classes Men Should Take in Philly to Become a Well-Rounded Renaissance Man

10 Classes Men Should Take in Philly to Become a Well-Rounded Renaissance Man

10 Classes Men Should Take in Philly to Become a Well-Rounded Renaissance Man

There’s a lot more to being a guy in Philly besides sports and brews.  If you’re a man that has been recently looking to pick up a hobby or new skill, just know that there are tons of options in the form of classes, workshops, and pop-up events.  Not sure where to start or what to pick up?  Well we put together a list of 10 classes that any guy in Philly can easily enroll in and be on their way to becoming a well-rounded renaissance man.  Check out the list below!

Music Class

Whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, or studio engineer, getting in-touch with your musical side is important.  Music is a great outlet to release stress, increases your memory capacity as well as refine your organizational and comprehension skills.  Not to mention it does help with the ladies.


 Horticulture Class

Living in the city it may be hard to get your hands on ideal gardening space.  However, there are several organizations that offer horticulture classes as well as neighborhood green spaces that allow for community gardens.  Practicing horticulture has been proven to improve concentration, relieve stress, improve your mood as well as decrease anxiety.  We all could use this type of therapy from time-to-time living in the city.  So get a little dirty, there’s plenty of health benefits.


Photography Class

Photo credit: FromSandToGlass / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: FromSandToGlass / Foter / CC BY

We all shoot the occasional great shot for Instagram from time-to-time but the art of photography is much deeper than the typical point and shoot.  It’s a skill/hobby men can benefit from.  Aside from developing cool pics, photography has been known to boost self-esteem, bring people closer to their natural spirituality, as well as see things you’ve just wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.  So rediscover the city with a camera in-hand.


 Calligraphy Class

This may sound like it’s coming out of left field but learning calligraphy is ideal not just because you get to draw cool letters and improve your handwriting but the ancient Chinese writers used this art form to improve temperament.  The philosophy was that you couldn’t be great at calligraphy if you were in a bad mood or upset. So if you’re a hot-headed guy this art form may just be what you need to control your emotions.


Cooking Class

French Cooking Class

Aside from being able to woo the ladies, taking a cooking class has many other benefits, developing a healthier lifestyle for starters.  Aside from eating better and developing cooking skills, mastering the culinary arts also helps to increase cultural awareness and sense of accomplishment. So even if you had a horrible day at work, whipping up a great meal can sort of balance things out.


Comedy/Acting Class


Photo credit: majcher / Foter / CC BY-SA

Growing up the kids that were in drama class were easy targets to be picked on.  As adults having the ability to act and engage in the arts is …well pretty cool.  Taking an acting or comedy class can actually boost confidence and improve communication skills.  These skills can transfer over to the boardroom the next time you have to give a presentation or make a sale at work.


Martial Arts Class


Photo credit: David Maiolo / Foter / CC BY-SA

Okay so most of the things listed may be “manly” in the sense that they would make ideal Old Spice commercials but to keep the testosterone flowing taking a martial arts class should definitely be on the to-do list.  Martial arts has been proven to improve discipline and improve confidence.  Not to mention it’s a hell of a way to stay fit.


Dance Class

Photo credit: SLU Madrid Campus / Foter / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: SLU Madrid Campus / Foter / CC BY-ND

Pick one, any one! Salsa, Tango, Cha-Cha, it doesn’t matter.  Aside from cultural awareness dance improves coordination, posture, balance and flexibility. All the tings you want to keep sharp as you get older.  Oh, and of course women love a man that can dance his ass off.


Clay Class

Photo credit: AnnaMaja42 / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: AnnaMaja42 / Foter / CC BY-NC

Cue the Patrick Swayze Ghost jokes.  In all seriousness aside from typical arts such as painting, clay may have some of the best benefits.  Playing with clay improves problem solving skills, motor skills as well as sense of accomplishment. Besides it’s not a bad hobby to have.  You can even peddle some of your creations as a side hustle.


Language Class


The world is getting smaller. With the internet at your fingertips every industry and job can be considered global.  Learning a new language is great way to have to improve your value at work or a future job as well as make travel more enjoyable.  Being cultured is a key to becoming a well-rounded renaissance man and language barriers are usually the biggest hurdle.

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