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9 Old School Dating Traditions That Need to Make a Comeback!

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9 Old School Dating Traditions That Need to Make a Comeback!

9 Old School Dating Traditions That Need to Make a Comeback!

9 Old School Dating Traditions That Need to Make a Comeback!

There are some technological advancements in dating that we can’t do away with such as apps and social media. However, after finding someone that you’re potentially compatible with, it may be a good idea to take an old school approach.  Courting and chivalry are definitely lost arts.  In a world of texting, DM’s and emails some social norms and traditions have gotten lost in the sauce.  So to help guide some of ya’ll during your dating phases, here are 9 old school dating traditions that need to make a comeback.  Implement some of these tactics and you can thank us later.

Actually Talking on the Phone


You: Hey

Your Date: What’s up?

You: Nothin’ Whatcha’ doing this weekend R U Free?

This is more or less how dates are set up these days.  A guy gets the digits and automatically begins texting.  Texting should be reserved for quick good morning messages or a “hey just made it home,” type of update.  Texting should not be used as a means to set up dates.  We’ve become an anti-social, social media loving society.  Go ahead show her (or him) you care by using your handheld device and actually calling to set up a date.  Learn what it’s like to actually hear someone get excited about plans instead of interpreting an emoji.


Knocking on the Door

How many times have you gone on the date where you either pulled up in front of your date’s house or you were the one getting picked up and were notified via a text saying “Here?”  Have we gotten this lazy or has parking gotten that much worse? The next time you go to pick someone up on a date, park the car and walk to their door.  This is all apart of what is called chivalry.  These are the little things you can do on a date to make it more memorable and put your best foot forward.


Small Gift on First Date

You can thank the whole “thirsty” movement for the death of flowers on the first date.  Nowadays no one wants to come off as “too desperate” or trying too hard so first date flowers have become a thing of the past.  In reality you don’t need a bouquet of roses or even flowers for that matter.  Maybe while on the phone your date mentioned something they enjoy such as candy or a certain type of pastry.  This is always a great way to set the tone for the date and get things going on a positive vibe.


She Should Never Touch a Door

This especially holds true for guys taking girls on dates.  The rule of thumb is that she should never have to touch a doorknob or handle the entire date.  This includes car doors.  To pull this off you’ll have to be on-point and attentive.  We’re so used to walking into places and thinking of only ourselves.  This doesn’t mean walking in first and holding the door as your date awkwardly scurries in behind you.  Too bad cars these days come with automatic locks so you can’t do the Sonny “Door Test.”


Hand-Written Notes

Okay I am not talking about brushing up on your cursive and writing long winded love notes.  However, if you’ve been dating for a little while, try dropping a nice hand-written note from time to time.  A “hey hope you have a great day note :)” goes a lot further than a text.  The longer you date the more meaningful the notes can be.  Hey even if you guys get married, notes are a great way to keep the flame lit.


Planning a Date Ahead of Time

You: What you wanna do?

Date: I don’t know, it’s whatever

You: Okay let me see what’s going on in the city

Fellas, before you even pick up the phone to see if she’s free or not, have a plan.  Even if she isn’t with the plan at least you had one.  Always be prepared and plan things out.  Search for events, research local restaurants, hell even check the weather.  There’s nothing better than having everything already set such as tickets to the show in-hand and reservations made.  Women love spontaneity but they also enjoy a man that can take control of a situation and shows initiative.


No Phones While on The Date

Well this isn’t exactly a tradition because way back in the day there weren’t any cell phones *gasps*.  That’s right there was a time when folks went on dates and actually conversed and didn’t take photos of their food or check into places.  Next time you head out, do a little time traveling and have an old fashioned date with no cellphones and give the person you’re with 100% of your attention.


Walking Street Side

This is a really old tradition that many guys don’t seem to practice.  Traditionally men would walk closest to the street because it protects the woman from traffic incidents or mud splashes.  It’s gentleman’s etiquette 1o1 and should be practiced by every guy on every date.


Walk Them Back to Their Door

It’s kind of crazy that guys drop off their dates and stay in the car.  They think that by watching their date safely walk in their home and give an “I am okay I didn’t get mugged” wave that it’s cool.  Nah, just the way you pick them up is the way you drop them off.  Find yourself a parking spot or double park and walk her to to the front door. Hey you never know, you may get an invitation for an old fashioned nightcap.

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