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The First Sex Toy Vending Machine Will Launch in Philly

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The First Sex Toy Vending Machine Will Launch in Philly

Image via Founders Vaughn Sandman (L) & Dean Kitagawa (R) with Sexpert Dr. Timaree (C)

Well it looks like Philly can start marking its claim as one of the kinkiest cities in America.  Come May 28th, local company PinkBox will launch the nation’s first sex toy machine.  Hard to believe this hasn’t been done already but better late than never right?

The new sex toy machine will debuted during the PinkBox launch party being held at the Underground Arts May 28th.  Guests at the launch party will get to enjoy live performances and naughty games as well as a burlesque show. What a way to launch a sex machine huh?

As for the sex toy vending machine itself, PinkBox has stated customers will be able to purchase items such as cock rings, dildos, vibrators, starter restraint kits (don’t ask) and of course condoms.  We all know that these sexual hubs will add convenience and possibly more discretion when trying to acquire gadgets to spice up your love life but what about the cost?  PinkBox has also addressed this concern by promising lower prices than traditional sex shops due to the low overhead.

If you’re ready to peruse the inventory of a sex toy vending machine you may have to hold off a bit as there hasn’t been an announcement in regards to locations.  Our guess however is that these lust machines will be located primarily in trendy neighborhoods and prime nightlife locations.

Stay tuned as we will update you on the exact locations as soon as they’re announced!



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