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The Best Places Get Ice Cream in Philly

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The Best Places Get Ice Cream in Philly

The Best Places Get Ice Cream in Philly

Whether you’re a kid or a senior citizen ice cream just makes people happy.  For many ice cream is an indulgence that induces childhood memories of chasing down Mr. Softy trucks.  Throughout the years the ice cream industry has evolved and although classics like vanilla and chocolate will always have a place, ice cream shops have innovated the industry.  Where there was once just a basic flavors, now you have the choice of flavors like “everything bagel” & “country breakfast.”  Hardly anything is left to the imagination these days.

With enough combinations to make your head spin and get brain freeze in the process, where do you know which places to go? Well, that’s what we are here for.  We went around the city sampling ice cream from different spots (yes, I know it sounds horrible but someone has to do it) and we came up with The Best Places Get Ice Cream in Philly.  Enjoy!


Little Baby’s Ice Cream

2311 Frankford Ave.

4903 Catharine St.

little babys

If you are adventurous and love to try new things, then well you gotta’ try Little Baby’s.  Their ice cream menu changes consistently so there is always something new to try.  To give you an idea of just how unique their flavors are, last time we stopped in they were scooping servings of Everything Bagel, Earl Grey Sriracha, Thai Iced Tea, & Grape-Grape Nuts among others.  For those dealing with lactose issues or may be vegans no sweat, this place offers non dairy selections using coconut and almonds as base.  Conveniently located in two locations, in Union Trust during shows, as well as mobile tricycle service throughout the city, there really is no reason not to try this place out.


Scoop DeVille

1315 Walnut St.

scoop deville
Keeping with the unique flavors next up we have Scoop DeVille located in the heart of Center City.  Here you can let your imagination run wild as they can custom make any blend you wish.  First they let you choose from an array of base ice cream then you choose what you’d like blended in it.  Choose anything from fruit to cereal to classic candy & nuts.  For those a little more adventurous additional toppings such as bacon bits, protein powder, and chocoalate covered waffles are also on hand. The hardest part is actually deciding.  If you want to put your ice cream indulgence in the hand of a professional they do have specialty blends that save you the trouble of deciding.


Franklin Fountain

116 Market St. 

franklin fountain3

Probably Philly’s most celebrated and revered ice cream shop.  This place captures the minds of tourists and locals alike.  Stepping into this joint is like getting into a DeLorean pushing it to 88 and stepping out into the early 1900’s.  Everything from the decor to the uniforms is vintage and creates a fun atmosphere to go along with their awesome ice cream.  This place screams quality and the servings are hardy.  This spot offers up many of the classic flavors we all came to know and love as well as variety of  unique sundaes jam packed with flavors such as peanut butter sauce, chocolate covered espresso beans, & candied cayenne pecans.  This is a cool spot for any occasions. Although you may experience long lines from time to time be patient, trust us it’s worth the wait.


Custard & Cakes Creamery

5461 Ridge Ave.

Custard and cakes

If you’re all about the retro vibe and want to recreate some childhood memories head over to Roxborough and check out Custard & Cakes Creamery.  It’s a stand alone joint with a cool drive-thru to give that classic Americana feel of yesteryear.  The nostalgic feel sets the tone for their ice cream menu which features a slew of classic flavors.  Custard & Cakes also offers seasonal flavors such as pumpkin, pumpkin spice cookie, & egg nog but they stay true to form with their no frills menu.  Serving up treats likes hot dogs, soft pretzels, and meatball sandwiches, it’s the perfect place for a casual date or a spot you can just park-up and enjoy.


Philly Flavors

2004 Fairmount Ave 

44 South 19th St. | 343 South 13th St. 

fairmount ice cream2

Okay this place is not just an ice cream shop it’s a dairy explosion.  Of course you got your classics as well as unique blends like egg nog, Resse’s Swirl, & birthday cake among many others.  But also you got some great ice cream treats here such as waffle sandwiches, cookie sandwiches, as well as over the top cartwheel sandwiches, all of which have plenty of ice cream flavors to choose from.  Still not enticing enough?  For those looking to go really off the deep end Philly Flavors has treats such as fried reese’s cups, fried oreos, fried bananas, & deep fried hot dogs. For sweet addicts this is every day heaven and for fitness freaks you may consider this cheat meal heaven.


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