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The 2017 Summer Guide to Cheap Dates in Philly

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The 2017 Summer Guide to Cheap Dates in Philly

The 2017 Summer Guide to Cheap Dates in Philly

The 2017 Summer Guide to Cheap Dates in Philly

The All-New Midway at the Blue Cross RiverRink

ferris wheel

Philly’s newest and quite possibly cheapest attraction makes its debut June 23rd.  The Midway is essentially an urban boardwalk.  So if you’re a cheapskate looking for the Wildwood feel while saving money on gas and tolls, this is your spot. The Midway’s main attraction is without a doubt the 60-foot Ferris Wheel ($4 per person to ride). Other pocket friendly activities include a carousel ($3 per person to ride) as well as the following boardwalk games:

Water Race ($3 per player)

A group of players shoot water at a target, making their character rise. The first player that makes it to the top of the game wins. The more players there are, the larger the size prize.


Basketball game ($2 a shot or 3 for $5)

Players take aim and shoot their basketball into the basketball net.


Balloon Bust (3 darts for $5)

Players aim and throw their dart at a board filled with inflated balloons. The more balloons the player breaks, the bigger their prize is.


High Striker/Ring the Bell game (3 swings for $5, everyone wins a prize)

Kids get to show how strong they are by swinging a kid-sized hammer at a target. Hit the target hard enough and they ring the bell. And if they don’t ring the bell, they’re still winning!


Cork Gun game ($5 to play, players keep shooting until they win)

Players use an old-fashioned Daisy cork gun to shoot corks at plastic cups. The player keeps shooting until they knock one over. The prize size is listed on the cup they knock over.


Break a plate game (3 balls for $5) 

Players take aim at plastic plates lined up side by side in rows. Break 2 plates with a ball and win a prize.

Take Advantage of Sips

If you’re looking to save some coin but want to take a date out for some drinks at some of Philly’s hottest restaurants and lounges then be sure to schedule your outing on a Wednesday.  This is when the city’s biggest happy hour Center City Sips takes place with $3 beers, $4 wines, and $5 cocktails.  Many places are also serving steeply discounted apps and menu items.  Not to mention you may also find a hip spot with a live DJ.

Outdoor Movies & Chill

Several of Philly area parks including Penn’s Landing, Dilworth, Schuylkill Banks, & Clark Park will be screening movies outdoors all summer long.  Just pick a movie, showtime, and don’t forget to pack some drinks and snacks.  It’s quite possibly the best way to score a cheap date without having to look like a penny pincher.


Find a Concert Series

Outdoor live music in the summertime is a natural aphrodisiac.  Serenade your date with some free musical talent.  Off-hand you can find weekly live entertainment at places such as Penn’s Landing or at unique unsuspecting places such as the Penn Museum.  Either way a free concert is always in the budget.

$5 comedy shows


If you’re looking for some cheap laughs (literally) then scrounge up 20 quarters and head over to either the Good Good Comedy Theater or The Raven for their $5 comedy shows.  Fellas if you’re looking to win over that special lady, the best way is through laughter.  This one should definitely be on your dating itinerary.

Shop for Less


Why not take your date shopping?  Well, not to any malls or fancy stores at least.  Instead head over to Spruce Street Harbor Park every Saturday from 12-5 pm and check out the Art Star Pop-up Market.  Here you’ll find some cool new and used items at affordable prices.  So if you have a little cash to splurge, then shop til’ you drop.

Rooftop Beer Garden Anyone?


You have until the end of June to check out the Free Library’s rooftop soirees every Thursday.  It’s free to get in (yay) and the drinks and food are very pocket friendly, from $2 chips to $5 dogs.  This is a cool and unique champagne date on a beer budget.


Take Your Date to Japan


Okay maybe not the actual country but you can feel like your there if you visit the Japanese House in Fairmount Park.  Just $10 a person and you can feel like you just stepped off a 17 hour flight. The scenery is incredible with cherry blossoms and immaculately landscaped grounds, it’s an oasis in the city.  So if you’re going for the uber romantic feel, this is the cheap date for you.


Take a Ride

You know those blue bike stations you now see in just about every corner of the city?  Well those aren’t just for hipsters and people with suspended licenses.  These are actually a cool way to spend a day with a date.  Pick a route with some cool points of interest and ride there on the Indedgo Bikes.  It’s scenic, cheap and hey you get to burn some calories in the process.  If you haven’t had a chance to tour Philly on a bike, now’s the best time to do it.

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