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A College Guide: How to Survive Finals

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A College Guide: How to Survive Finals

A College Guide: How to Survive Finals

Written by Freedom Wasserman

A College Guide: How to Survive Finals

As much as we don’t want to accept it, my fellow college students… finals are quickly  approaching. But try not to freak out, because we are in this together! With a few helpful tips, I will teach you how to get through finals, with as little stress as possible.

Start studying in sections a week or two before the exam


This will help you get familiar with the material you need to know in advance. This way, if you study the material early, you can go to a teacher for their office hours if need be. Spreading out your workload is always a great idea to get ahead of your work, and it helps retain the information more efficiently.

Get together a study group

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Being surrounded by classmates who have been in the same class learning the same information as you will be helpful while studying. Bouncing ideas off one another can help you compare information, and even help you become more familiar with what you’ve already learned.

Make a study guide or flashcards

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Making a study guide with information that you know will be on your exam is probably one of the best ways to prepare for an exam! There are many websites, such as quizlet, that let you make your own flashcards to study. Having an easily accessible way to get to your important notes is perfect!

Find a comfortable and relaxing study spot

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Depending on how you study best, exploring your surroundings to find some chill spots is a great idea. A quiet library, or lounge with a scenic view, are two examples of these types of places.

Find ways to relax in between studying


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No one thinks of relaxing when it’s finals time. Taking breaks while studying is a must. After every hour of studying, you can take a walk, eat a snack, or play a game to give your mind a break. Colleges often host events to help students reduce stress, such as bringing dogs to campus for students to play with.

Believe in yourself


As cliche as it sounds, you got this! You’ve been in class all semester, and you know the information! The stress of finals is only temporary and the reward of having a break after is well worth the hard work.


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