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7 Bad Habits Transplants Pick Up When They Move to Philly!


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7 Bad Habits Transplants Pick Up When They Move to Philly!

7 Bad Habits Transplants Pick Up When They Move to Philly!

7 Bad Habits Transplants Pick Up When They Move to Philly!


Walking Fast

Transplants how many times have you gone back to your place of origin and were told “Damn why are you in a hurry?”  The city will do that to you.  A combination of constantly trying to catch public transportation and making the crosswalk in time, has made Philly residents certified speed walkers.   I’m almost envious of folks in laid back towns that just mosey along form point A to point B. I’m sure their blood pressure is a lot lower as well.


You Start to Prefer Dive Bars Over Fancy Clubs

Philly isn’t a red velvet rope town.  You can count the number of actual bottle service clubs on one hand.  Many folks from small towns flock to big cities such as Philly for a bit more glitz and nightlife adventures.  However, stay here long enough and you’ll start gravitating to neighborhood bars and lounges.  Aside from not having to worry about shit like guests lists and only being able to sit at bottle service sections, the drinks are much cheaper.  I don’t think there’s any justification for paying $8 for a Bud Light.


You Become Jaded by Homelessness

I remember hearing a story from a transplant that said she used to give $5 at a time to homeless folks when she first got here.  It produced a mix reaction of “bless your heart” and “Dayyumn $5?!”  Homeless are everywhere but moving into a big city such as Philly it runs rampant.  Unfortunately this means folks here get pretty jaded pretty quick.  Instead of reaching in our pockets for change we’re avoiding eye contact and making sure we can side step if need be.


Eating Habits Turn to Shit

College students aren’t the only ones putting on the freshman 15.  It’s tough to eat clean in Philly all the time, especially late nights.  There aren’t any late night vegan options out here.  Just Wawa’s, fast food, and cheesesteaks.  One late night cheat meal turns into another and the next thing you know, you don’t even have to tell the dude behind the counter how you like your cheesesteaks.  It’s sad but hey that’s Philly dining for you.


You Start Dressing Down More and More

“There’s nothing for me to get dressed up for, so I’ll just throw on these sweats.”  Get used to this phrase and similar ones living here.  This isn’t a flashy Maimi lifestyle.  This is the epitome of blue collar town.  Even folks witch money that move here shop at thrift stores and grow their beards out (we call them hipsters).  Unless you’re attending a formal or your name is Fonzworth Bentley, there really isn’t much reason to get spiffy. Soon your flashy gear will start to fade as athletic wear starts taking over your closet.


You Stop Saying Hello

One of the first things that Philadelphians notice when they travel is how cordial folks are.  It almost seems like a practical joke when a stranger says “hello.”  Well if you’re from a town where folks say “hello” or ask how your day is going you may come off as strange if you try that in Philly.  Folks will either be caught off guard, think you’re a cop, or peddling incense oils.


You Hate Other Transplants

The bad habits listed above are like Infinity Stones. Once you collect them all, you’ll become a hater of everything you were.  You’ll soon starting rolling your eyes every time an out-of-towner asks “Where’s the best place to get a cheesesteak?,” complain about hipsters gentrifying your neighborhood and randomly blurting out “Dallas Sucks” like you have a bad case of Tourette’s.  It’s just the culture and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  Welcome to Philly.

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