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Seed Freedom is the Newest Organic Spot in Philly

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Seed Freedom is the Newest Organic Spot in Philly


Seed Freedom is the latest all organic restaurant in Philly

For years there have been plenty of healthy “buzz words” such as South Beach, Atkins, and more recently gluten free.  However, one thing is for certain, organic is not a buzz word but the natural process of foods.  More and more restaurants have been scrambling to alter their menus to include organic dishes and ingredients as American’s try to become more health conscious.

The newest spot to hit the Philly food scene doesn’t need to alter a thing as their entire menu including their liquor and beer is organic.  Seed Freedom located at 1240 Ridge Ave. (just north of Spring Garden), boasts an all organic menu. Here nothing is genetically modified.  All beef and poultry is grass fed and the fish is wild caught.  As for their veggies, all are grown with no herbicide or pesticides.  On their menu you will find tasty choices such as red & yellow snapper, steak, snow crab legs, as well as vegan platters.

I pretty much have tried everything on the menu and this place is a the real deal.  Unassuming from the outside, this place is clean, sleek, and modern on the inside.  The owners are attentive and ready to answer any and all questions.  Especially those inquiring about their organic liquor choices.  Being a tequila guy myself I had to inquire about their “organic tequila” which uses agave grown without herbicide or pesticide.  These are the small things we tend to overlook when making food decisions when we eat out.

Everything is made to order so do not come here in a rush, this is a place to enjoy fresh foods.  However, waiting is actually enjoyable since this place serves up complimentary cucumber water which is really refreshing.  If you’re looking for an even healthier drink option a “Drink of the Day” is always on hand, which consists of various juiced fruits and veggies.

So for those looking for a new spot to grab healthy and tasty food in Philly, be sure to swing by this awesome spot.


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