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Punch Line Philly Delivers More Than Just Laughs



Punch Line Philly Delivers More Than Just Laughs

Feature Photo via Punch Line Philly

Punch Line Philly Delivers More Than Just Laughs


Philly has seen its fair share of comedy clubs throughout the years.  From hole-in-the-walls to large scale venues and just about everything in-between.  The common denominator has always been the laughs.  For those seeking a knee slapping good time, any run-of -the- mill joint will do.  However, for those craving an experience from the moment you step into the club up until you head for the exits wiping tears of laughter from your eyes, the total experience is everything. When it comes to covering all bases no one in the city hits it out of the park quite like Punch Line Philly.

This converted warehouse that sits adjacent to The Fillmore Philly, is also a Live Nation venue.  Although we tend to cringe at large corporate entities moving in on markets where small businesses thrive, Punch Line has made us reconsider.  Located in what was once a  no-man’s land section of Northern Liberties, now seems like a mini entertainment village. You can definitely tell the folks in charge of the design did their homework when it comes to the Philly market.  All of the creature comforts we have accustomed to love such as outdoor drinking spaces, large bars with an even larger beer selection, tasty food and a laid back.  It all comes together in perfect marriage.

No pretentiousness, no over the top decor or a venue trying too hard to be “Philly,”  instead Punch Line Philly has a feel like its been there for years.  I’ve personally been to just about every comedy club in the city in the past decade or so.  Many of which were not initially designed to be a comedy club, meaning not every seat in the house is a great seat.  Large pillars, weird angles as well as very tight quarters have tarnished my experiences in the past.  Which in turn ruined “the funny.”

It almost sounds like a P.T Barnum pitch when I say that every seat in the house is the best seat.  It’s true. From the cozy VIP tables outlining the main floor to every table scattered throughout, no view is obstructed and the open layout allows for easy maneuvering for patrons and waitresses alike.  No more spilled drinks from cocktail waitresses looking to squeeze in uber tight spaces to serve customers.

What else makes this place a must try? Well for starters the talent has been well above par.  In fact Punch Line Philly’s opening night featured the comedic God Dave Chappelle himself.  Since then the bill has featured well-known comedians such as Marlon Wayans, Matt Bellassai and  future shows with Ralphie May, Damon Wayans and Kevin Hart affiliates The Plastic Cub Boyz.  However, don’t fee like Punch Line Philly is big timing and not showing love to the locals because every month Punch Line features “Fishtown Premium” with Philly native Rus Gutin.

Comedy clubs are usually classified as “date spots” especially among us guys.  They’re the place where you can enjoy and put all the pressure on the performers to ensure our date is having a great time. Comedy clubs are literally the best places to break the ice.  Although it’s the ideal place to take some one that could be the apple of your eye, Punch Line Philly has all the makings of being the perfect spot to bring your crew.  Whether it’s guys hanging at the bar and chowing on burgers before a show or ladies looking for a change of pace for a classic”ladies night,” just know that Punch Line Philly is going to deliver more than just the laughs.

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