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What You Need to Know About Bottle Service


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What You Need to Know About Bottle Service

What You Need to Know About Bottle Service


bottle-service-what-to-knowOk so you’re planning on stepping out this weekend with friends just to hang out or to celebrate a special day and you’re thinking of buying bottles.  However, the only thing you really know are the images you see in rap videos and vlogs where it looks like the 4th of July and money is being tossed around like confetti.  How do you book a table? What’s it going to cost?  Can we hang out at the table the whole night?  These seem to be common questions for all novice “bottle service reservationists,” yes I just coined that term.

Well lucky for you Wooder Ice took the liberty to contact the VIP staff at Rumor Nightclub, which took home the award for Philly’s #1 nightclub 3 years in a row.  Rumor has played host to a who’s who of athletes and celebrities since it opened its doors.  So we sat down with Claudia Rosales the VIP/Corporate Sales Manager at Rumor and she gave us the scoop what you need to know about bottle service.

When you reserve a table is there still a cover charge?

No, if you reserve a table there is no cover charge and no waiting in line.  You can skip the line and the hostess will escort your party to the table.

*Insider Tip -if a club tries to charge you a cover charge ask to speak with a manager, clubs are not suppose to charge bottle service parties a cover charge

Do you have to reserve your table ahead of time?

Not necessarily, but to ensure you get the best table possible it is best to reserve ahead of time.

*Insider Tip- clubs have tables that are not in prime locations (i.e on the main dance floor).  Some are located in separate rooms playing a different genre of music.  So reserve in advance to ensure you have a table in the area you want.

What is the best way to reserve Bottle Service?

The best way to reserve is by contacting the host of the club you plan on visiting directly.  Usually clubs have an email or phone number on their website.  Make sure you confirm with the hostess the day and time you plan on arriving.

*Insider Tip- clubs often times have staff to promote bottle service.  However, it is a good idea to confirm with a hostess directly prior to arriving because mix-ups and miscommunication can happen

What does minimum spend mean? And how does it work?

The minimum is determined on how many people you have in your party.  Each club charges different per person but be prepared to spend about $100 a head.  So say if you have 5 people in your party your minimum spend is $500.  Meaning your table must spend at least $500 in liquor.  Some clubs have multiple rooms and the charges per person often change per room. It’s all about real estate.

*Insider Tip- some clubs do not charge females in groups, because many times guys purchase tables in an effort to entice/invite females to the table. So those invitees are generally not counted towards the minimum spend

When you have a table do you have it for the whole night or do you have to leave once the bottles are finished?

When you have a table you have it for the whole night.  It’s more of a Philly thing.  Other cities like New York, Miami, and Vegas, often times force you to leave because they have more turn over due to the fact they stay open a lot later.  In Philly you have the table for the night.

*Insider Tip- note make sure you communicate this with the hostess especially on busy nights.  However, having to leave a table in a Philly club is very rare.

Ok so say the night is over and the bill comes what’s a proper tip? 

Usually an gratuity is automatically added to the bill.  However, it is customary for people to tip in addition,  especially if your bottle service girl and runner have been attentive to your table.

What about security?  Should they be tipped as well?

This isn’t a must but it is a nice gesture especially if you are at a table where that area of the club is crowded.  Security ensures no uninvited people come to your table and your section is cleared and secured.  They can also help you maneuver around the club if you need to leave the table for whatever reason. You take care of security and they take care of you.

*Insider Tipnote it might be a good idea to tip security especially the doorman or head of security because if you are ever back at the club and not buying bottles it is a good way to be remembered and skip lines even without reservations.


So there you have it folks, a few ins and outs of bottle service.  So whatever the occasion is, whether you just want to look cool, meet new people, or just have a good time with friends bottle service is often time a great choice especially in clubs that tend to get packed.  We know not everyone has the funds to get bottle service every time they go out like P Diddy but if you have the means or want to celebrate an occasion, we say bottle service is the way to go.  Besides when you think about it you can spend more than $100 at the bar alone, especially at an upscale club where it’s usually standing room only.  So kick up your feet and keep your liquor on ice next time you head out.


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