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The Guide to Throwing a Stripper-less Bachelor Party in Philly


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The Guide to Throwing a Stripper-less Bachelor Party in Philly

The Guide to Throwing a Stripper-less Bachelor Party in Philly

The Guide to Throwing a Stripper-less Bachelor Party in Philly

It’s that time of year, where guys are finally looking to part ways with 3-months worth of salary in order to get that engagement ring she so deserves.  As the best man you should know just how much your boy’s pockets will be hurting.  So now is the time to round up the groom squad and start planning the bachelor party.  For those planning a local outing and want to enjoy a bachelor party in Philly for the team, we gotcha’ covered.  Now, simply hitting up a strip club is the easy cop out.  So, if you want to put a little bit more thought into the bachelor party, we created a little itinerary to make it a memorable outing.  So follow the blueprint and hey, if you do plan on making a pitstop at a local titty bar, we ain’t mad atcha’.


Pre Game With Some Cigars

Depending on how the bachelor party is feeling you can swing this one of two ways.  For the suited and booted atmosphere and a fully stocked bar, Ashton Cigar Bar (1522 Walnut St,), is the way to go.  This place has it all.  From Jameson to Pappy Van Winkle and everything in-between this spot has one of the best selections of spirits in the city.  As for the vibe, Ashton oozes class and sophistication.  This is a great place to pre-game with some scotch paired with a premium cigar.

For those looking for more low-key digs, Cappelli Brothers Cigar Company (211 S 13th St.) offers a laid back BYOB cigar experience.  So if you and the crew want to swing by a state store and pick up some spirits, Cappellis will mix the drinks for you as well as help you pair your cigars. This is a great place to assemble the crew and gear up for the night.


Learn a Skill For the Man Cave

As a newlywed, the groom will be spending a lot of time at home which means he will need a hobby.  The perfect skill to develop for the future man cave is beer making.  That’s right. Learn the art of making beer. Not only will this help the groom to learn a new life skill but the fellas can also enjoy the fruits of his labor whenever visiting.  Philly has several beer making classes you can reserve to.

Philly Homebrew Outlet has several locations that offer beer making classes as well as all of the equipment and kits to get started.  The classes are fun and engaging, and the best part is that you can sip brews while making brews!

The Philadelphia Wine School (109 S 22nd St.) offers Beer Making 101 classes to the public.  These tend to sell out fast so make sure you reserve ahed of time.


Get a Little Active

Don’t let the beers slow you down, there’s still lots to do! If you want to get a little active, you can choose from a couple of options.  Both North Bowl & South Bowl are cool places to take the team and have some fun.  These venues offer fun and upbeat atmosphere which includes pool and arcade games.


Looking to hit the links?  Well, virtual links that is.  If golf is more the speed for the team, Golf & Social (1080 N Delaware Ave.) offers golf simulators.  Enjoy virtual golf along with drinks and food.  It’s a great way to get the juices flowing for the night.


Show Off Those Windpipes

Okay now it’s time to transition into party mode.  However, before you hit the club, warm up with some karaoke.  Head over to Chinatown Square’s Johnny Walker Lounge (1016 Race St.) where you and the crew and enjoy one of the various themed private rooms.  Each karaoke room is decked out in various liquor themes for a real cool vibe.


3 Club Monte

Okay now that you’re juiced up and ready to party, it’s time to pick your poison.  When it comes to nightlife in Philly, 3 spots standout particularly, especially if you’re looking for that true club experience.

First up is Down (262 S 15th St.).  It’s a smaller venue so there’s only one dance floor and it gets jammed packed on weekends.  Best bet is to secure table reservations in order to really enjoy the night. The music is always top notch as this place draws the best local DJs in Philly.  The cool thing about Down is that it’s attached to Howl at the Moon, so if want to change the pace, you can walk through a door and boom you’re enjoying a traditional bar experience.

Rumor (1500 Sansom St.)is the second club on our list.  A true club in every sense, Rumor is deceptively large inside with 4 bars and 2 dance floors.  Depending on which night you go the main dance floor can either be Top 40 or EDM.  Rumor is dope because you don’t necessarily have to get a table to enjoy yourself here.  Rumor does offer open bar packages, so definitely check with them for more info.

Last but not least is the new kid on the block, NOTO (1209 Vine St.)  The most recent addition to Philly nightlife, NOTO is a huge Vegas styled club that continuously brings in top notch talent in the world of EDM and hip hop.  This place is bottle service oriented so getting a table is highly recommended.


After Club Meal

It sounds made cliché but if you’re partying in Philly, why not keep it alllll the way Philly and head down to South Philly for some steaks.   There are several spots to choose from, personally I will go with Philip’s (3318, 2234 W Passyunk Ave.)  Nothing like a classic steak and fries to chase all the bad alcohol decisions you made at the club.

Steaks not your thing?  Well, if tacos sound like a better choice at 2 am, Heffe Tacos in Fishtown (1431 Frankford Ave) stays open until 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays.  They offer some of the most unique tacos and burritos in the city.


Try Your Hand With Lady Luck

As a bachelor, Lady Luck will be the last woman he’ll spend time with, so make it count.  Head over to the SugarHouse Casino (1001 N Delaware Ave) and gamble the night away.  Get the fellas together for some poker or some craps.  Hey you might end up wining up and recoup the money you blew on bottle service.


Recharge With a Banging Brunch


More than likely the whole squad will wake up with hangovers and we have the perfect cure.  Make sure to head over to Cafe La Maude ( 816 N 4th St.) for a top notch brunch that’s BYOB.  Hey, the only way to cure a hangover is to keep drinking.  Pro-tip, bring some citrus beer and OJ to mix-up some Man-mosas.  You’l thank me later.

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