Point Breeze Welcomes Its Newest Deli & Market Breezy's, Offering "Approachable Healthy Convenience" - Wooder Ice
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Point Breeze Welcomes Its Newest Deli & Market Breezy’s, Offering “Approachable Healthy Convenience”

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Point Breeze Welcomes Its Newest Deli & Market Breezy’s, Offering “Approachable Healthy Convenience”

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Point Breeze Welcomes Its Newest Deli & Market Breezy’s, Offering “Approachable Healthy Convenience”

We always enjoy sharing the news of a new restaurant opening or pop-up dinner. However, delis and food stores rarely get the love they deserve. This week Point Breeze will welcome its newest addition, Breezy’s. Located on the corner of 23rd an Washington, Breezy’s sits on the boarder of Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze, where its namesake deprives from.

Owner Chef Owner Chad Durkin, who also owns and operates Porco’s Porchetteria and Small Oven Pastry Shop at the corner of 22nd and Washington, heard and saw a need for a place to grab essentials, and maybe satisfy a craving or two. The name “Breezy’s” is an ode to the neighborhood, as well as a regular guest of Porco’s with a similar last name, and to a popular nearby cafe that shuttered its doors in 2016.

“As Washington Avenue improvements happen and it continues its course as a thriving business district, we aim to be the go-to market that is serving the community and its needs,” states Durkin. “So, what is Breezy’s? Think: What if a chef opened a Wawa, or a souped up corner store? We want to offer approachable healthy convenience to the community and highlight local Philly and mid-Atlantic brands and products.”

At Breezy’s, Durkin will offer hoagies, signature recipe smoothies and slushies from Botrista (a high-tech machine made from the minds at Tesla ),Greenstreet coffee, grab and go offerings, plus local fresh produce, and a complete grocery. Intended for neighbors and community, Durkin’s goal at Breezy’s is to maintain a reasonable price point, with customer feedback and shopping patterns dictating how shelves are stocked.

The space will encapsulate and celebrate the unique cultural fabric of the area. It will be a market filled with small scale food producers, offering them a platform within the store to showcase their products, thereby enhancing neighborhood exposure for local businesses.

In the warmer months, Durkin will set outdoor tables and chairs around the building. Furthering his desire to create a spacewhere communities converge, personal connections are fostered, and people are excited to gather, Durkin will make Breezy’s available to rent for private functions including birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, dinner parties, cocktail receptions, and corporate functions. Durkin will also offer private cooking classes at the market down the line.

Over his career, Durkin has participated in countless competitions on the national and international stages, makes bre a thtaking celebration cakes, performed educational demonstrations and has taught at premier culinary colleges. He also holds a Master’s degree in food science processing and business, which he has used to consult on many restaurants and bakery menus and develop go to market food concepts. Through every challenge, Durkin’s textbook knowledge of food, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination for excellence shines.

Breezy’s will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m and closed on Mondays.

Via Scott Campbell


Via Scott Campbell


Via Scott Campbell

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