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Everyday is Throwback Thursday at Jinxed

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Everyday is Throwback Thursday at Jinxed

The antique store Jinxed is not new for many Philadelphians, especially those who have frequented the Piazza.  However, not many are aware of Jinxed’s other locations especially the most recent opening of their Frankford Ave. location.  We are fans of all things nostalgic so we were already fans of Jinxed before visiting the Frankford Ave. store.

Jinxed newest location on Frankford Ave.

Jinxed newest location at 1331 Frankford Ave.

For those not familiar with Jinxed let us make the introduction.  Jinxed is a shop that sells antique and vintage items.  All items are purchased at estate sales, meaning nothing they sell  is ever bought from individuals.  They offer a wide range of items.  You can find everything from antique chairs, household items, bikes, jewelry, and my personal favorite, trunks.  It’s a great place to find accent pieces or even center pieces if you are looking to decorate your home or office. Jinxed offers great prices. I do not believe I was ever a victim of sticker shock whenever shopping.

Although summer is quickly approaching and many individuals may enjoy the thrill of finding items to purchase at garage and yard sales, Jinxed saves you the time, hassle, and gas.  If you do not have the luxury of dedicating a whole weekend to visit yard sales to find an antique piece, Jinxed is your one stop shop.

Jinxed has three convenient locations.  However, the Frankford location has the best shopper friendly atmosphere.  The open floor plan allows you to scan the store from any point in the store and see what may interest you.  This saves time from having to dig through items.

So, if you are looking to decorate a new or existing space and want to avoid buying items that everyone has (i.e Ikea furniture), then we recommend Jinxed.  Happy hunting!


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