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The Industry is How South Philly Does Brunch

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The Industry is How South Philly Does Brunch

We like to think of the Pennsport section of Philly as a scaled back version of Northern Liberties.  A sleepy section of town that doesn’t get the traffic more “hip” areas receive.  For those not familiar with Pennsport, it is the area just below Queens Village that hugs Columbus Blvd. all the way down to Snyder Ave.  If you haven’t explored Pennsport we would like to give you a great reason to stop by.


The Industry is a bar located on the corner of Reed and 3rd St.  With an eclectic menu and drink options there is something for everyone.  The menu offers fun dishes such as cannoli pancakes, Hill Billy Philly (fried chicken drenched in Franks Red Hot Sauce with sausage gravy & cheddar biscuits), as well as falafel.

Curiosity and gluttony got the best of me as I ordered the Hill Billy Philly.  The dish did not disappoint.  I’ve had plenty of chicken and biscuits in my day and this bad boy ranks up there with the best of them.  Their cheddar biscuits are made in house and the chicken was very meaty.  Mix in the sausage gravy and Frank’s Hot Sauce and it’s a recipe for a nap.

Aside from the menu selection many of you will enjoy their signature cocktails all of which come with entertaining names such as “Somebody Else’s Baby”, “You’re a Daisy if You Do”, and “I’m Your Huckleberry.”  You will enjoy tasting them as much as you will enjoy ordering them.  With summer steadily approaching, The industry provides ample outdoor seating with large comfortable tables and and awning.  If you plan to eat there later in the day, they do provide heat lamps.

The Industry is a perfect place those looking to step outside their comfort zone and explore other parts of the city.  Enjoy!

The Industry's Take on Steak and Eggs

The Industry’s Take on Steak and Eggs


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