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Da Vinci Art Alliance Invites the Community to Get Involved in the Arts

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Da Vinci Art Alliance Invites the Community to Get Involved in the Arts

Every year Time Magazine releases a list of the top New Year’s resolutions people make.  Among eating better and exercising, volunteering seems to always make the annual top 10 list.  Although it may be a task to find a place suitable to volunteer, getting involved in the community especially community based organizations can be just as affective. One locally based organization is looking for community members and artists to participate in a meeting of the minds of sorts.

Da Vinci Art Alliance, located at 704 Catharine Street in South Philadelphia, is starting a Third Thursday Open Salon Series for members, neighborhood residents and others to have a place for dialogue and exchange of ideas. The first Salon entitled The Quotable Da Vinci, will be held on January 15, 2015  from 7 – 9 PM in the gallery. Led by Dan Enright, a Da Vinci Art Alliance Member and South Philadelphia resident, a panel will start the evening reviewing some notable quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci. Participants are encouraged to bring in some favorite quotes of their own for discussion. The panel will also lead a discussion about possible future speakers and topics of interest to the community.

This series is is being led by the Outreach Committee which is dedicated to inclusion, working toward getting neighborhood residents and artists more involved in our Da Vinci Art Alliance. “‘Learning never exhausts the mind,’ said Da Vinci. We invite all to participate and get energized together as well initiate this new series. We are hoping neighbors, members, other artists and others will come out and join us,” said Linda Dubin Garfield, chairperson of the Outreach Committee and Vice President of Da Vinci Art Alliance. Susan DiPronio, Da Vinci Art Alliance member and South Philadelphia resident is also on the Outreach Committee with Garfield and Enright. The committee is also pursuing several other outreach projects which will be reveals throughout the year. They are interested in hearing for the public. If you have any ideas, please email davinciartalliance@gmail.com.


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