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Check Out the New Drone Policies By Obama and the FAA

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Check Out the New Drone Policies By Obama and the FAA

Drones 101: Your Guide To The FAA’s New Rules… by NowThis

Although these policies won’t be made official for another year, commercial drone operators are kind-of somber knowing that the days of freely flying their pricy aerial toys is coming to an end.

Among the new drone policies, operators must be at least 17 years of age (sorry youngins)  pass an aeronautical knowledge test, as well as obtain an FAA UAS operator certificate.  Uhhh yea you can tell it will be a pain in the ass to be legal to operate a drone and there will be an abundance of citations for violators.  Let’s face it, although the new policies are in place for safety, the last thing people want is the government meddling in their leisure activities.  Not to mention the government will be banking off of the test fees and the collection of fines.

In case you were wondering just how extensive the new regulations are, here’s the complete layout:

•    A small UAS operator must always see and avoid manned aircraft. If there is a risk of collision, the UAS operator must be the first to maneuver away.
•    The operator must discontinue the flight when continuing would pose a hazard to other aircraft, people or property.
•    A small UAS operator must assess weather conditions, airspace restrictions and the location of people to lessen risks if he or she loses control of the UAS.
•    A small UAS may not fly over people, except those directly involved with the flight.
•    Flights should be limited to 500 feet altitude and no faster than 100 mph.
•    Operators must stay out of airport flight paths and restricted airspace areas, and obey any FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs).


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