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Take a Tour of this $600 Million Jet

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Take a Tour of this $600 Million Jet

If you follow celebrities on social sites such as Instagram, chances are you’ve seen them post pictures of them flying in a private jet while the rest of us shmucks are taking off our shoes and going through airport security hoping for a window seat.  Philly rapper Meek Mill is known for flying the friendly skies in gulf streams.  In fact I doubt he’s set foot in a regular airport in quite some time.

This celebs seem to be living it up but there is an upper echelon of society that will put even P Diddy’s jet to shame.  Check out this converted Boeing 747 jumbo jet.  Transformed by Greenpoint Technologies, this jet normally halls up to 450 passengers! In the mid-west that’s a small town.  However, the mega rich person who acquires this bad boy will have more amenities than most mansions.

This jet boasts a restaurant, dining room, master and guest bedrooms, an office as well as several lounges.  You could literally live on this thing.  Check out the pics!









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