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Best Coffee Shops in Philly

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Best Coffee Shops in Philly

Best Coffee Shops in Philly

We’ve all seen those funny memes that display how important coffee is for some people in order to get their day started.  Well art is imitating life because for a good number of people coffee is essential.  Like gym rats need protein shakes coffee heads need their cup of Joe.

Although there are tons of coffee juggernauts scattered throughout the city such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Doughnuts we here at Wooder Ice only promote non-chain spot as a nod to the independent business fighting the good fight.  In a world where corporations spend tons of greenbacks on marketing and advertising, local mom & pops shops rely mostly on the quality of their goods and the word of  mouth from their customers.  So when we had to choose the best Coffee shops in Philly we did our homework and researched the most talked about places and painstakingly filtered them down to the 5 on our list.  So next time you are looking to grab a great cup of Java in the city, put away your Starbucks card and try one of these great spots on our list of Best Coffee Shops in Philly.


RIM Café

1172 South 9th St.


Sorry early birds this spot is strictly for the late crowd.  This unassuming popular cafe located in the Italian Market has been wowing patrons since 2006, not just for their coffee but also their hospitality.  Rene the owner of RIM greets everyone who walks in like a long lost friend.  Warm and inviting this spot makes an impression as soon as you walk in.  As for their coffee expect signature lattes, espresso, & even award winning hot chocolate.  Unlike most coffee shops that have baristas working part time while in college, Rene is whipping up signature coffee from recipes he acquired while operating brew houses along the the French Riviera. So you know it’s good.


Rival Bros Coffee Roasters

2400 Lombard Street 



It doesn’t get much more Philly than this spot.  Rival Bros roasts their coffee beans daily at their very own roastery in the Frankford section of Philly.  Even their awesome tea is provided locally from Philadelphia’s House of Tea.  Essentially this spot is as independent as it gets. For coffee drinkers not looking for any flair in their cup of Joe this is the place to be.  No frills just great coffee and fresh pastries made and delivered locally.  What’s also great is Rival Bros even has a roaming food truck that you can follow on twitter and get their awesome coffee at various locations around the city.  For those looking for an in home experience, Rival sells “12 oz. bags of beans alongside some of the best coffee merchandise recommended for at-home brewing, including Chemex coffee makers, Hario scales and grinders and Bonavita electric kettles.”  So there is no excuse not to indulge in some good ol’ Philly brewed coffee.


Grindcore House

1515 S 4th St 



If the quintessential hip coffee house vibe is what you’re looking for then here’s your spot.  Located in South Philly, this spot is unique because it promotes itself as an “entirely vegan coffee house,” that serves up popular sandwiches and snacks.  Enjoy cool tunes and a  neighborhood atmosphere along with your awesome coffee.  Outdoor seating is also available for those looking to enjoy their morning cup on summer mornings.  There is basically nothing not to like about this meat & dairy free coffee haven.


Ultimo Coffee

1900 S. 15th Street

2149 Catharine Street. 


What craft bottle shops are to the beer world Ultimo is to the Coffee world.  With artisan coffee such as La Golondrina which consists of Popayan, Colombia with “balanced notes of caramel, chocolate, cherry, mild citrus” & Ndaroini from Kenya that consists of hints of both sweet and savory; lime, black currant, blackberry with a  round, juicy body, you are sure to experience flavors you never tasted before.  Although their cups run a bit on the pricey side you get what you pay for.  I mean you don’t expect to buy Dogfish Head with Miller Lite money right? Specialty coffee comes at a price but a trip to Ultimo will have you hooked on the first sip which is why they made our list of the best coffee shops in Philly.


One Shot Coffee

217 W George St.


If you’re about having a great atmosphere as well as great coffee you gotta’ stop by One Shot.  This place feels more like a cozy home than a coffee house.  You’ll find a section of this place furnished with cozy couches and lounge chairs as well as a small library.  You don’t even have to bring you’re own books they supply those! How cool is that?  You almost feel like you’re visiting an old friend when patronizing this joint.  The baristas are very knowledgeable as they are required to go through training at an area roastery.  So for those looking for a cozy place to curl up with a awesome cup of Joe, this is your spot.



310 W. Master St.

1523 E. Susquehanna St. 


Reanimator makes the list of the best coffee shops in Philly because these guys are like the coffee aficionados of the city. Priding themselves in sourcing their beans and brewing onsite, Reanimator is the definition of fresh roast.  Beans from all over the globe can be found here.  From Ethiopia or Guatemala, and just about every other part of the globe.  Essentially if they roast it Reanimator roasts it.


Elixr Coffee

207 S Sydenham St.


Image via Paola B. YELP

If you ever need a “pick-me-up” while shopping along Walnut St., there’s an awesome coffee shop just off the strip that serves up primo coffee.  On a quiet side street this coffee shop is a Rittenhouse hot spot.  Any time of day this place is buzzing with coffee drinkers taking advantage of Elixr’s freshly brewed coffee.

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