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5 Art Galleries You Need to Visit in Philly

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5 Art Galleries You Need to Visit in Philly

5 Art Galleries You Need to Visit in Philly

5 Art Galleries You Need to Visit in Philly

If there is one thing Philly doesn’t get enough credit for, it would be its love for the arts.  Our main street is nicknamed the avenue of the arts for goodness sakes.  Not to mention we boast the most murals of any city in the nation.  Philadelphia is also home to some of the best art and independent museums in the world.  Philly’s influence in the art scene is undeniable.

For those looking to get more out of the art scene particularly traditional art such as photography and paintings, you will be happy to know that the city is littered with galleries.  With the overwhelming number of galleries in the city  where would anyone know where to begin?  Well, luckily for you we scoured the city and came up with a list of  5 Art Galleries You Need to Visit in Philly.  Enjoy.



746 S, 4th St. | (267) 266-0073 | shop.paradigmarts.org/

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.37.49 PM

Paradigm is where emerging artists shine

Imagine meeting and seeing Andy Warhol  or Jean-Michael Basquiat before they were famous.  Well at Paradigm the opportunity to see and meet the next great artist is very possible.  This gallery is a great supporter of independent artists looking to make a name for themselves by offering,  “individualized attention, strong promotional support and a transformable gallery space to make their [artists] own.” So if you really want to immerse yourself in what’s going on in the Philly art scene and see what the latest talent is developing at street level, then you gotta check out Paradigm.  Shows and exhibits vary, so check their site for the latest events.


Wexler Gallery

201 N 3rd St. | (215) 923-7030 | wexlergallery.com

wexler art gallery

Challenging the traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that coexists in the expressive realms of design, fine art and contemporary glass and ceramics. Questioning and testing the boundaries of these fields, Wexler Gallery aims to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation as much as aesthetic beauty.

Wexler Gallery opened in 2000 in the historic district of Old City, Philadelphia.   Since then, the gallery has proudly showcased extraordinary work by both master artists and the emerging talent of today.


Arch Enemy Arts

109 -111 Arch St. | (215) 717-7774 | archenemyarts.com/

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.05.00 PM

Arch Enemy has one of the best varieties of exhibits in the city

One of the newest faces on the art scene, Arch Enemy showcases up-and-coming artist as well as new artists.  You can catch exhibits on the traditional First Fridays as well as solo and joint exhibits.  This spot probably holds the most exhibits with the widest variety so if you plan to make a trip here their site does a great job of staying up to date with all in-house events as well.  Arch Enemy also does a great job selling  art as this place categorizes itself as a boutique as well.  As for the art here you will find, “lowbrow, pop surrealism, realism, decorative, figurative, urban, macabre, and narrative style art in a wide range of mediums.”


Painted Bride Art Center

230 Vine St. | (215) 925-9914 | paintedbride.org/


Painted Bride is a Philly installation that has provided some of the best art for the past 45 years

Founded in 1969, Painted Bride is one of the most established and well respected art galleries in the city, yet it is sometimes overlooked due to many people associating it with just performance arts.  However, this spot does have two spacious areas for exhibits and often showcases both emerging and established artists.  If you have never been to Painted Bride this should definitely be at the top of your to-do list.  This place is woven deeply into the Philly art scene and meshes art with culture and community.


Twenty-Two Gallery

236 S 22nd St. | (215) 772-1911 | twenty-twogallery.com

twenty two gallery

Another local gallery lending its venue to emerging artists is Twenty-Two Gallery.  Showcasing “22 artists that work in many mediums including oil, pastel, watercolor, photography, sculpture, various printing processes as well as mixed media,” this is a great low key gallery that all art lovers can enjoy.  Off the beaten path of Old City where galleries reign supreme, Twenty-Two is nestled in a neighborhood to give it a warm and inviting feel.  To further more show it’s independence Twenty-Two hosts a “2nd Friday.”  A spin off of the Old City First Friday, 2nd Friday is hosted monthly and offers wine and cheese for guests from 6 pm-9 pm.  What’s not to love about this place.  

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