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10 iPhone Apps Every 30 Something Needs to Download

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10 iPhone Apps Every 30 Something Needs to Download



Imagine if Facebook was a person.  It would be a rambunctious high schooler. Now imagine it growing up, going to college, having a family and settling down.  Facebook would then become Paper. Paper is essentially Facebook for grown ups.  Scroll through Facebook at work or public places without people realizing you’re actually on Facebook.  The interface looks more like a online magazine layout than a social media app. Released earlier this year by Facebook, Paper revolutionized Facebook.  Scroll through your timeline horizontally, thumb up pictures and read articles effortlessly. Facebook created this app as a separate download than the original Facebook so that many people wouldn’t feel they were forced into the dramatic change.  However, once you download this app you may never go back to traditional Facebook again.   So if you want a more adult feel to Facebook, Paper is the way to go.




30/30 is a procrastinator’s dream come true. If you’re like most 30 somethings your time is gobbled up by work and family.  Learn to become more efficient with 30/30.  This app helps organize your daily tasks by putting them in a list as well as adding a timer for each task.  So if you are checking emails in the morning and feel it will take you 10 minutes the timer on this app will alert you once time is up and move on to the next task. So those YouTube videos, ESPN highlights and other wonders on the web that may sidetrack you are now curved with 30/30.  In a world of distractions 30/30 helps get you through the day.


Cocktails Made Easy


As a 30 something one thing you should know how to do is be able to make several good cocktails.  Let’s face it the club scene is mostly in your review and the amount of game nights and dinner parties increases.  So be a great host and even better guest by showing off your mixology skills.  Cocktails Made Easy is the best drink making app on the market.  With an easy interface and video tutorials of over 45 classic drinks, this app is the only one you need to get started to brush up on your bartending skills.




As you get older the urge to travel increases. The one downside to traveling abroad is language barriers.  Here comes Lingua.ly to the rescue.  This app helps you learn a language like no other app or software for that matter.  Its patented program indexes texts on the web in just about every language.  Lingua-ly tests your language knowledge with quizzes then suggest articles and stories for you to read based on your knowledge.  The stories and articles increase in difficulty the more you use the app.  So for those to looking to learn a new language, Ligua.ly proves it’s never too late.




Remember the convenience of the Nextel phones we had back in the day? You know the walkie talkie feature that made keeping in touch with friends and family incredibly easy? Well WeChat brings that luxury back but makes it even better.  This app lets you communicate with up to 40 friends at a time in a seamless walkie talkie fashion. A great way to keep in contact with friends on the fly.  If you happen to cross paths with an old acquaintance this app also lets you swipe info with just a bump.   In a nutshell WeChat is the WhatsApp for working professionals.




Ever planned to see a movie and forget when it comes out?  You think to yourself, is it this Friday or next Friday?  No worries ToDoMovies is the a great tool for movie buffs with faulty memory.  Hey we’re busy running around doing grown-up things, so it’s hard to keep track of things like movie releases.  This app is like a personal assistant in your pocket.  Simply find the movies you’re interested in watching, create a list, and ToDoMovies will send you alerts when the movie you want to see is out.  You can also watch trailers, and receive content related to movies you pick.  For you busy people this is a must have.




Moving from movies to books, Oyster has been dubbed the Netflix of the book world.  So for you 30 somethings that believe the perfect Saturday night is staying home with a glass of wine and curling up to a good book will appreciate this app.  Simply subscribe to the service and you will have access to over 10,000 books in the palm of your hand and just like Netflix you can see what your friends are reading.  This app also comes in handy for those work commutes if you take public transportation, or if you travel for your job.  This app gives you a better reason to stare at your phone than simply scrolling through your social media timeline.




Ever go to the gym and feel a little lost? Yea we know the basic free weight and exercise machine routines but eventually you flat line.  Well Hot5 is kind of like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  This app features tons of fitness videos with exercise routines to get you beyond the plateau affect.  If you’re into yoga, which many generation X’ers are, Hot5 offers yoga routines as well.  So save some bank and maximize your gym time with this handy app.


The Whole Pantry


If you’ve been burning up calories at the gym you will need to refuel. The Whole Pantry is essentially the only healthy cooking app you’ll need.  This app is like having a nutrition guru in your kitchen.  Tons of healthy eating recipes from some of the top experts in nutrition, yoga, and fitness.  This app is very well put together and anyone can use it effortlessly.  The Whole Pantry even has recipes to deal with everyday life issues such as stress. So if you’re a 30 something looking to start eating better, then drive past the McD’s you stop after work each day and drive to your nearest supermarket and get started on a healthy lifestyle today.




There’s no doubt that we spend a lot of time looking at our phones.  Whether it’s to pass the time, or to avoid awkward situations our noses are constantly in our iPhones.  Since we spend so much time browsing the web we always come across cool videos or stories but for some reason never have time to check them all out. That’s where Pocket comes in.  This app saves stories and videos you want to check out later in a nice organized list.  Seen a cool story on a must see YouTube video but on the way to an appointment? No problem Pocket to the rescue.  You’ll never forget or miss out on a cool story again.

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