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Vic Sushi Bar is for Serious Sushi Lovers

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Vic Sushi Bar is for Serious Sushi Lovers

sushi1When it comes to sushi it’s either great or it isn’t good at all.  Sushi is a food where its freshness can be judged by the first bite.  Many places offer up sushi throughout Philadelphia.  However, for serious sushi lovers their list is often short usually 2-5 spots that they would frequent.  For the serious sushi lovers Vic Sushi Bar is usually on everybody’s list.  Well known among locals this spot in a west side of center city is a hole in the wall but packs a huge punch.  Most people have found out about this place through word of mouth and that word has been spreading since Vic opened their doors in 2007.

The only drawback is the space.  This tiny sushi bar has enough space for a handful of people to sit at the counter and about two tables.  With it being such a popular spot this place is usually jam packed during the evening hours with people dining in and others standing around for their take out orders.  If you’re lucky enough to get a seat here you will be pleased to know that this spot is BYOB.  So it’s a perfect place for an cozy date or a gathering of a few friends over a bottle of wine.

The selection is pretty awesome as well.  Looking through the menu, you will find many specialty rolls so mixing and matching with a friend or significant other is encouraged.  Personally I enjoy the confined space this place offers as opposed to large sushi houses.  Besides it’s the food not the decor that makes a place great.  Let us know what you think of this place.

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