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U-Bahn is the Hot New Underground Bar That Goes Above and Beyond


U-Bahn is the Hot New Underground Bar That Goes Above and Beyond

For the most part it’s never a huge deal when a new bar opens in Philly.  It’s a beer town and chances are new bars seem to follow the same ol’ cookie cutter blueprint of trying to create a cool vibe which ultimately ends up falling short.  However, local bar entrepreneur Teddy Sourias has broken the mold and created a new underground bar with an ultra unique feel.

The Brian LaPann Trio rocks out at U-Bahn

The Brian LaPann Trio rocks out at U-Bahn

U-Bahn (1320 Chestnut St.) is less than a month old and it’s already the buzz of Center City.  Getting its name from the German transportation system (think SEPTA), U-Bahn is a play off the fact that it’s a basement level bar, hence the subway station theme.  Rail tracks line the walls and concrete and steel are prevalent. The decor really sets this place off and you definitely get the sense of hanging out at a subway station.  To give it more of a hip Philly vibe, U-Bahn also has several old school arcade games lining up one side of the bar.

As for the main reason why everyone will be checking this place out (the beer),  as with Teddy’s next door gem Brü, this place does not disappoint.  The draft selection is dizzying and you can find just about any and every local brew here.  Obviously drinks ultimately lead to hunger but you won’t find your traditional bar food hear.  So if you’re looking for greasy burgers and fries to pair with your brawler, better look elsewhere.  Items such as pepper shooters, marinated olives, pho carrots, and cheese platters dominate the menu selection. However, if you’re really hungry there are some tasty hardy sandwiches including a cheese steak and crab cake sandwich.


Healthy finger food reigns supreme here at U-Bahn and it’s surprisingly filling

So far it sounds like a cool bar anyone would want to check out but the icing on the cake is the live bands.  Teddy makes it a point to showcase local talent.  So with live eclectic bands playing about 5 times a week you just can’t find this kind of scenery anywhere else in Center City (excluding Jazz bars).

In short U-Bahn looks to be a mainstay and another notch in the belt for Center City’s Midtown Village.  With an expending dining and entertainment scene this section of town is definitely on everyone’s radar.

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