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South St. Magic is Where Philadelphians Go to be Amazed

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South St. Magic is Where Philadelphians Go to be Amazed


South St. Magic’s store offers a wide range of cool magic supplies and tricks

Attention all magic lovers: This week we are shaking things up a bit for our Spot of the Week.  For all those that want to tap into their childhood wonders or just simply love magic and illusions, there’s a spot tucked away just off South St. that you need to visit.

South St. Magic, which sells magic supplies and tricks for those looking to sharpen their skills or want to get started.  You can find just about any type of magic from parlor tricks, to card tricks, to money tricks, it’s all here.  If you want to check out their full array of magic supplies visit their online store .

In addition to selling magic tricks and supplies, South St. Magic also has a theater where they perform live shows.  So for those that are looking to do something  cool and different got to check it out.  The Theater is open all year round with 5 shows every single week.  They have a wide range of shows from Mentalism, pure sleight of hand, grand illusions, and a family fun show for the entire family to enjoy.  So whether you are looking to do something solo, with a date, or with family, this is a place everyone can enjoy. 


South St. Magic’s quaint theater offers 5 shows a week all year-round

Overall this place is a cool break from the norm and a place let your imagination run wild.  Besides having a few magic tricks up your sleeve (pun intended) isn’t a bad thing next time your at a party or gathering.  You’ll definitely be a hit.



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