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So There’s a Place Offering 3 Comedy Shows in a Row and FREE beer for $5

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So There’s a Place Offering 3 Comedy Shows in a Row and FREE beer for $5

We’re all used to hearing about double headers with the Phillies in town and once in a while we experience the joy of getting two items out of the vending machine when we only paid for one.  Well if you thought 2 for 1 deals are pretty great than you haven’t experienced a triple header.
This Thursday November 5th, Plays & Players Theatre (1714 Delancey Place ) is offering 3 solid comedy shows and free beer for the insanely low price of $5.  That’s right.  You can’t even get a cheesesteak for that cheap.  It’s quite possibly the best deal in town. Live entertainment with beer for the amount you can find scrounging for change around your home.


Here’s the the cool comedy line-up for the eventing:


7PM Ur Mom is Funny

You love your mom. But is she funny, though? Come watch three hilarious comedians prove that they can team up with their moms to get the most laughs! Hosted by Hannah Trav & Pete Steele with special guest Sharon Trav. Tickets at

8:30PM Comedian Psychoanalysis


Take an in-depth look inside the mind of the stand-up comedian. Joined on stage by a real psychological professional, we present a series of “case studies” who will perform a set and get analyzed based purely on their material. Hosted by Joe Bell and Michael S. Watkins. Tickets at​.


10PM Burn it Down


Roast of the citywide special. Burn It Down is an elegant roast show where Philly’s top assholes come together to rip apart the things we love to hate. This month’s targets include the City-Wide; the hip bars that serve ’em and the hipsters that drink ‘em.

And, as always, just like with every show  it will end with a segment called Wreck My Ex! Where we roast YOUR ex’s Facebook in front of a LIVE audience. The bitter the better! Hosted by Lou Misiano. Tickets at
Good Good Comedy comes from the producers of Philly’s biggest independent comedy festival, Five Dollar Comedy Week, now presenting Philadelphians with ​high-concept high-quality comedy every damn week. 
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