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Camden’s Verb Spielberg Drops an EP With a Big Sound


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Camden’s Verb Spielberg Drops an EP With a Big Sound

Between the trap music and OVO running the airwaves as of late, classic East Coast hip hop has taken a back seat when it comes to general popularity. The casual rap enthusiast always claim their unyielding love for that classic 90’s East Coast feel but few go out of their way to seek it and relish in it.

Maybe it’s the sheer number of musical content being pumped on the independent level that is just too overwhelming for hip hop heads to sift through. Maybe the new genres have desensitized their ears and now they are unable to pick up any beat that isn’t being created by mega producers. Whatever the case may be, Camden-based rapper Verb Spielberg who has been dropping low-key heat for over a decade has just dropped an EP that will quench the thirst of any hip hop purest.

Hennessy Diaries V.S.E.P, which debuted Nov. 2nd, has everything you look for in the classic East Coast hip hop sound. From gritty lyrics to head nodding beats with a dash of social consciousness, all within 6 heavy hitting tracks.

1/2 of the Thorobred duo, Verb enlists the lyrically sharp Apollo The Great on several tracks.  Appollo who in his own right has dropped street bangers Hennessy Diaries and his most recent project Contradiction (which if you do not have, download ASAP).

Hennessy Diaries V.S.E.P opens up with the soulful track “Jersey Boy.” You can almost envision listeners cracking open dutches, pouring up their cognac and unwinding to this jawn. As a dope way to tie in the title, sound effects of Hennessy being poured plays prior to each track as if Verb is virtually filling your plastic red cup with lyrical Henrock.

As the EP progresses so do the beats. You can hear the aggression in the horns on the 2nd track “At My Nicest” ft. Apollo the Great. Demolishing everything he touches, Apollo does not disappoint here.

The climax of Hennessy Diaries V.S.E.P comes at track 5, “Live & Direct.” The beat is one of those that will have you playing it back to a point where you’ll be rapping along in no time. Not to be overshadowed by the charismatic beat, Verb Spielberg delivers a hard punching track illustrating his perspective of the current events plaguing hoods including police brutality and the life and death decisions made every day by poverty stricken citizens.

Rounding out this condensed musical experience is the 8 minute “Goody Goody” which completely switches gears midway from a straight hardcore beat to a rhythmic sound with Spanish guitars.

This EP is a definite must have in your music library. It’s a timely injection of what the culture has been lacking as of late. These types of projects are few and far between. So if you’re looking to sidestep the pretentious raps of big whips and flossy chains and the dumbed down trap music, this album is right on time.

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