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So Philly! Devil’s Den Is Releasing a Pickle Back Beer! Who’s In?


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So Philly! Devil’s Den Is Releasing a Pickle Back Beer! Who’s In?

So Philly! Devil’s Den Is Releasing a Pickle Back Beer! Who’s In?

So Philly! Devil’s Den Is Releasing a Pickle Back Beer! Who’s In?

The crew from Evolution Craft Brewing visited the Devil’s Den and tried “Skip” the Middle Man, a pickle infused whiskey made by manager, Kris Hagan.  During the visit it was decided that the Devil’s Den would travel to the Evolution Brewery to collaborate on a special beer. Evolution has a program that allows them to brew small batch one offs with select accounts.  These small batch one offs are always unique and fitting for the account they are made with. “When the Devil’s Den came to visit the brewery, it was a no brainers that we would do an ode to their famous pickle back shots”, says Evolution Craft Brewing Marketing Manager, Amanda Holtz  . “Pickles have always been a childhood love of mine”, stated Kris Hagan. “So finding ways to incorporate that into work has been a challenge. We make pickle back shots, pickle infused whiskey, so when Dad’s Hat Rye offered me a few empty barrel, I thought why not try something crazy and make a pickle back beer.”

Kris and the brewers at Evolution, worked on a recipe that uses 100% lacto fermented beer as a base with fresh dill and pickling spices. It was then transferred to the Dad’s Hat Rye barrels to ferment. The end result is a sour beer with a balanced bourbon flavor that compliments the mild yet distinctive pickle notes. “The first time I tried the finish product, I was blown away. The flavors blend amazingly,” says Kris “whether you are a pickle freak like us, or just a good beer drinker, you need to try this beer.”

“What the Dill ?!?” will be released Thursday April 26th at 7pm  It will be available in 10.5oz glasses for $6.00. Along with the collaboration beer, you can try Evolution Lot 3 IPA (16oz pour for $5.50), “Skip” the Middle Man (house made pickle infused whiskey $6), a Bloody Pickle (a pickle infused bloody mary for $6) and a Dirty Pickle Martini ($12). Chef Paul Trowbridge will be preparing pickle inspired food specials for the night. Try a Charcuterie ad Cheese Plate ($15) with Bread and Whipped Butter,Deep Fried Pickle Chips ($5) and Pickle Back Chicken Wings ($13 – Pickled Brined Chicken Wings fried and tossed in a Whiskey Sauce).

About Devil’s Den  – Devil’s Den is one of Philadelphia’s best destinations for import and craft beers, with 17 rotating drafts and over 200 bottles. Chef Paul Trowbridge offers homemade comfort food and stepped-up fare in a warm and enveloping setting. Popular favorites include house signature Duck Fries, Salmon BLT and several tempting mussel renditions. The elevated gastropub has knowledgeable and friendly staff, popular happy hour specials and unparalleled beer selection. A dominating architectural feature is the wood-burning fireplace, which offers ambiance and warmth in colder months in both the dining room and the extensive bar. Outdoor seating creates a spirited street scene when weather permits. A lively events calendar adds to the fun. Devil’s Den is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

About​ ​Evolution Brewery – Evolution Craft Brewing Co., the leader of the Culinary Craft Beer movement, was founded by Tom and John Knorr in 2009. The brewery started in Delmar, Delaware and moved to Salisbury, Maryland in 2012 to meet growing demand. Evolution’s inspiration was born out of the Knorr brothers’ passion for pairing the great food at their restaurants with great craft beers. Now, Evolution craft beers are available for consumers at both retail and restaurants to enjoy ever-better beer with ever-better food. Evolution has nine mainline beers: Primal Pale Ale, Lot #3 IPA,Exile Red Ale, Lucky 7 Porter, Lot #6 Double IPA, Delmarva Pure Pils, Rise Up Stout, Pine’hop’le IPA and Hops Limon IPA and a full lineup of seasonal specialities in both bottle and draft. In addition, Evolution also has big bottle barrel aged beers released throughout the year: the Migration Series, Menagerie Series and Nouveau Rouge Project. For more information, please visit

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