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PYT Puts Receipt of McCoy’s 20 Cent on eBay and It’s going for $100,000!

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PYT Puts Receipt of McCoy’s 20 Cent on eBay and It’s going for $100,000!

Since we posted this story the bid for the receipt has jumped to $100,000! Receipt listing on eBay


How much would you pay for a lousy tip?

Well in what has turned into a drama of sorts regarding LeSean McCoy’s 20 cent tip, just added another chapter. Tommy Up the owner of PYT where the tipping incident took place has recently placed the original receipt up for auction.

If you may remember the original story, LeSean McCoy and a group of friends dined at the burger spot and left a 20 cent tip on a $60 bill.  While LeSean has stated that the tip was a message regarding the crappy service he received, Tommy Up backed his server’s claim that McCoy received impeccable service.  The incident quickly became a national story and Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen even pledged a $1,000 to the waiter.

The story began to finally die down, up until Tommy Up put the original receipt up for action on eBay.  Those who claimed the original posting of the receipt was in poor taste are sure to be up in arms in this latest development.  Although the legal ramifications regarding the legality of posting a receipt are grey, the receipt does contain the last four digits of McCoy’s credit card along with his signature.

Since the receipt has been posted there has been pressure put on Mr. Up to remove the receipt in the form of the comments on the auction page.  No word yet from the Eagle’s executive offices or from McCoy’s camp regarding the auction. Currently bids have already eclipsed $100,000.

We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

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