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Philly Pizza Shop Feeds the Homeless

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Philly Pizza Shop Feeds the Homeless

If there is one thing the internet and social media has created over the years it’s slacktivism.  If you aren’t familiar with this term, basically slacktivism is the act of “liking” or “sharing” a picture of a good cause but never really doing anything to alleviate the situation.  Homelessness and hunger are issues that have plagued Philly and the world since the dawn of time.  Although there isn’t a solution on the horizon, one Philly pizza shop is fighting these issues one slice at a time.

Mason Wartman is the owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza located on 11th St. in Center City.  About two months ago he created a program to help feed the homeless.  The program is essentially a “pay it forward” structure where patrons can donate $1 or more and the money is put into a pot and used to buy slices for the homeless.  Wartman then gives each donor a stick note in which they can write encouraging notes that are placed on the shop’s walls.  Homeless can enter Rosa’s and order a slice no questions asked as well as read positive messages such as “Don’t give up” “You can fight through this.”

In total the program is nearing $1,000 in donations and have been busy giving away slices at no real cost to the shop since the program pays for the slices.  Homeless people from all over the area have been taking advantage of the program and giving themselves a break from their not so tasty shelter food.

This program is great and one more reason to love Philly.  Rosa’s has just made themselves one more customer.

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