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New BYOB Restaurant Cadence is Opening in Fishtown!

Cadence Restaurant - Michael Fry, Samantha Kincaid, Jon Nodler

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New BYOB Restaurant Cadence is Opening in Fishtown!

New BYOB Restaurant Cadence is Opening in Fishtown!

New BYOB Restaurant Cadence is Opening in Fishtown!

This March, Chefs Jon Nodler and Michael Fry, and Pastry Chef Samantha Kincaid will open Cadence, a new-American BYOB, at 161 W. Girard Ave., bringing their celebrated and expansive talents to the thriving food scene in the bordering Fishtown, Northern Liberties and South Kensington neighborhoods. At Cadence, this trio of nationally-recognized chefs will offer a thoughtful and nuanced menu highlighting the area’s best seasonal ingredients. Cadence will be open for dinner five nights a week, offering both a la carte and set price menus as well as an intriguing non-alcoholic drink list.

            “Over the past few years, we worked well as team and our styles began to merge and reflect one another. We felt opening our own place was a natural progression for us, and we’re excited to create something that’s ours, together,” says Pastry Chef-Owner Samantha Kincaid, who was named “Best New Pastry Chef” in 2014 by Food & Wine magazine. Adds Chef Nodler, a James Beard Award semi-finalist for “Rising Star Chef” in 2015, “Realizing our styles and work ethics came together so seamlessly is actually how we devised the name. Cadence is a sequence of notes – and in our case, dishes and flow of service – coming together in harmonious expression.”

            At Cadence, Chefs Nodler and Fry will create savory menus that are at once familiar and exciting for the weekly dinner guest or those dining out for a special occasion. Each menu item will be complemented by a selection of bites inspired by the chefs’ love of Korean banchan, showcasing methods of preservation, elements of upcoming dishes, and hard-to-find or fleeting ingredients. For dessert, Chef Kincaid will draw on her passion and talent for baking and pastry to build complex and interesting combinations including playful takes on iconic dishes and flavors of the region. Additionally, Cadence’s beverage program will creatively incorporate both hot and cold-brewed teas, as well as locally made vinegars to create a selection of nonalcoholic cocktails for guests to enjoy. Dishes and desserts will range in price from $8 to $30. A weekly set price menu will also be available, offering four courses with various options per course, depending upon sourcing.

            The chefs’ clean and contemporary cooking style will be matched by the restaurant’s sleek aesthetic, set with industrial-era accents and design elements, and earthy color tones. The kitchen view and chef’s counter are open, which will create a level of transparency and shared experience with guests. The chefs are excited not only to cook for their guests, but to also step into the dining room to meet and serve them. Many personal touches, including art installations and ceramic servingware made by friends and wooden tables made by the chefs are also incorporated throughout.

Chefs Nodler and Kincaid met in 2008 while working in the coffee and restaurant industry in Madison, WI. They soon began dating and later married in 2010. After working in some of Madison’s top kitchens, they decided to move to Philadelphia in 2012 and embark on a new challenge. Eventually, after working in various restaurants in Philadelphia, the pair took on leading roles – Kincaid as Pastry Chef and Nodler as Executive Chef in the kitchens of Fork and High Street on Market, respectively, under Ellen Yin and Chef Eli Kulp. Here they met Chef Michael Fry, a South Jersey native who moved to Philadelphia in 2002 to study Art History at La Salle and later pursued a career as a chef. Between 2012 and 2017, the three chefs garnered high praise for Yin’s and Chef Kulp’s High Street Hospitality Group, including Fork, High Street on Market,, and High Street on Hudson in New York City. In the fall of 2017, the trio acquired the space on Girard Avenue and immediately went to work on remodeling and menu planning.

Cadence will be open for dinner Tuesday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. until 10 p.m.Friday and Saturday from 5:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. For more information, please visit or call (215) 419-7537. Additionally, follow Cadence on Instagram (@cadencerestaurant) and on Twitter (@cadencephilly).

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