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Media Personality Quincy “Q Deezy” Harris Speaks on How to Make it in the Bizz and How to Stay on Top


Media Personality Quincy “Q Deezy” Harris Speaks on How to Make it in the Bizz and How to Stay on Top

They always say if you want something bad enough, you have to go out and get it. Nothing should stand between yourself and your dreams. For Quincy “Q Deezy” Harris that one thing standing between him and his dreams was actually a person.  A security guard to be exact.

QDeezy2It was 1997 and radio station Power 99 was having their  annual Powerhouse concert when Quincy, then a Temple sophomore snuck backstage with his friends.  However, instead of running up on an artist and asking for pictures or autographs, young Quincy made a beeline for one of Power 99’s top on air personalities, Mr. Colby Colb himself.  This is the exact moment when Quincy Harris’ career started to take flight.

After interning at the station and learning the ins and outs of the business Quincy Harris eventually moved up the ranks and become a favorite on air personality for Philly’s top hip hop station. However,  looking to always push the limits of his talents it didn’t take long before another life changing opportunity took place.  With the combination of hard work and the help of Allen Iverson having a career season, Quincy found himself staring down an opportunity to chase his dreams.  This time in Tinseltown.

Since both the 6ers and Lakers were in the finals, Clear Channel stations in each respective city traded friendly banter. “It was 2001, Sixers Vs. Lakers and we were going against this host Big Boy in LA and I was on the radio with Wendy Williams, Colby Cold, and Dee Lee.  He (Big Boy) was like ‘Ya’ll need to come out here.’ I was like I wanna come.  He (Big Boy) was like I’ll fly you out here,” Q Deezy vividly recalls.

Next thing you know the kid from Germantown is on a plane and attending game two of the NBA Finals.  While in LA Q Deezy was not only politicking with Big Boy, he was experiencing a whole new culture. It was almost like an epiphany.  Quincy not only realized he wanted to expand his horizons, he knew he had to relocate to do so. The thought of starting fresh on the west coast lingered for several years until Quincy felt he was ready to take the plunge. “By 2007 I was like man I live in Philly, grew up in Philly, went to college in Philly, time for me to make a change.  So I saved up my money for a whole year.  Jumped and I left and in about two weeks I got a job with Big Boy which was a nationally syndicated radio show,” states Quincy.


Quincy’s relationship with artist allow him to have candid discussions with top artists such as 50 Cent

The LA experience not only opened up new doors for Quincy such as acting and producing, it opened his eyes to the realization that anything is possible. “When I was in LA I saw I can do anything.  I produced a movie.  I saw people my age or younger doing extraordinary things,” Quincy states emphatically.  While many would consider this to be the perfect ending to a success story, Quincy “Q Deezy” Harris was still traveling on the road to  success.  Although, Los Angeles provided an abundance of opportunities, Q Deezy eventually found his way back home to Philly.

With a new perspective on life and a boosted “can-do” attitude Q Deezy was ready to take on new challenges in the City of Brotherly Love.  The move back wasn’t just a career move, Quincy knew he had to give back to the city that molded him and helped shape his persona.  Engaging in various community outreach programs, Quincy’s aim was to instil the same “can-do” attitude and confidence within the youth of Philadelphia. “I think these kids just need to know that ‘Guess what? I can be a pilot, Guess what? I can get my master’s.’ Because someone like me did it. I think that people that have made it need to reach back. There’s a good number of kids coming from broken families.  They need to see hope.  You have to give back.”

The quest for sharing his knowledge didn’t stop at the grade school level.  Before long Quincy found himself facing a classroom full of Temple students. After being contacted by Temple School of Communication’s Dean David Boardman.  Mr. Harris began teaching up-and-coming broadcast and media professionals his insights. This alone blew Quincy’s mind since he himself faced turbulent times academically. “Dean David Boardman actually reached out to me and wanted to have lunch with me.  I am bugging out,” Quincy recalls. “Dude in 1997 I wasn’t sure if I was able to come back. Things through hard work just kind of turned around for me.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 12.46.20 PM

Mostly on assignment, Quincy embraces the community wherever he goes while working for Fox 29

That same work ethic and thirst for knowledge is actually what Quincy Harris contributes his success to.  Having been in media for 15 years, Quincy has no reservations about sharing his formula for longevity. According to Quincy “Q Deezy” Harris, “A lot of people look at radio and say, ‘ I want to be on the radio.’ Before you can get on the radio you have to learn the behind the scenes.  How can you help out that DJ? It doesn’t have anything to do with you.  How can you help them out and add value to what they’re doing? So then in turn they’ll help you.” Quincy explains. He goes on to state, “It’s the same thing with TV.  How can I add value? How can I help other people so I can be around longer? You have to have a passion for learning.  That’s the number one thing and a good attitude and know that everything isn’t always about you.”

This same formula was applied when Quincy made the leap from radio to TV.  Currently a host for Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia, Quincy had the talent to be on TV but he knew he had to perfect his craft to become great at it. “I just looked at myself and thought, What can I do to kind of strengthen what I am kind of doing already?” Quincy recalls.  “So I started studying these guys on TV because they already had me on television as guest host on music or different things.  I would pay attention and study.”  The studying obviously paid dividends.  With regular appearances on set as well as in the field, Quincy has found his niche in TV.  Bridging the gap between his already established connections in music and entertainment, he is now able to apply and share his talents in front of the camera. We’ve all been familiar with the voice, now it’s time for the world to get familiar with the face of one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons.

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